Google Wallet Will Be No Good for Digital Purchases From Next Year


Google Wallet fans will be disappointed to hear that from next year it will be no good for digital purchases. The tech giant is no longer working on the API, and users will need to look for something different. This change will happen from March 2, 2015.

Anyone who has not made changes from that date will end up with 404 errors for people trying to buy anything. There are a lot of other options for merchants, including PayPal.

The online shopping industry has significantly changed over the last couple of years. There is more competition, and Google has decided it is not worth fighting. Other elements of the company are more important, especially considering it is releasing YouTube Music Key and there is still the forward movement on Google Glass.

The good news is that the whole of Wallet is not disappearing. Those who make payments from their Android phones for non-digital products will still be able to pay through the Wallet. It is only the Digital Goods API that is being discontinued. Developers can also still make in-app purchases through the Wallet, since it makes Google enough money to keep working on.

Developers who have subscription-based apps are the ones that are more likely to be affected, along with other digital purchases. Those who do offer subscription services are encouraged to switch to a different method as soon as possible. Buyers will not be charged subscriptions from March 2, 2015 otherwise.

While Google Wallet will be no good for digital purchases from next year, the merchant account will still be available. Refunds can be processed through that, and seeing a payment history. The only thing being taken away from developers is the ability to receive new orders and continuing payments. There is no replacement option being offered for digital products, meaning it is up to developers to search or create their own.

According to Google, the buyers will not be notified of any change. If the developer has not made changes, the buyers will just get taken to 404 errors. This can be extremely frustrating for people trying to buy something, so developers are encouraged to inform their buyers and make changes quickly.

While digital purchases can be made until March 2, it is best to start witching over to another payment solution now. The four-month warning gives some developers time to create their own payment solution, and will give people time to research all the different solutions currently available online.

The Wallet was first created in 2012, and was originally only used by a handful of magazines and newspapers. Over time it has grown, but it seems it is not as popular as the search engine giant hoped it would be.

For those unclear of how to proceed to remove the code for the Wallet, there is a full guide created by the tech giant. Then users will need to follow guides created by preferred solutions to add the new one in. It is important for developers to start acting now. Google Wallet will be no good for digital products from early next year.

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