Gotham: Harvey Dent (Recap and Review)


The appearance of Harvey Dent in Gotham is one of those out of sequence occurrences since Dent, aka Two-Face, should not really show up until Bruce Wayne becomes Batman. Still, the Fox program is doing their own version of an origins story for the verse so certain liberties can be allowed. Certainly the creators have changed the odd thing here and there, for example Alfred Pennyworth is an ex marine who is more rough than polished and there is a connection between Selina Kyle and Bruce that, again, should not take place for quite a number of years.

The episode begins with Jim Gordon learning that Barbara has bolted after stopping by his apartment with young Kyle. He finds her note, saying that she is “nervous, needy and all screwed up,” and Selina believes that she will get to stay with the cop in his home. The future cat woman finds out that she will be staying at Wayne Manor instead after she describes the suspect who killed Bruce’s parents.

Ian Hargrove is being transported from Blackgate Penitentiary and Jim Gordon takes Selina to see Bruce and Alfred. He shows the young boy the picture of the man that Kyle says shot his parents and the butler says that he does not want the young criminal to stay. Master Bruce overrules his guardian’s decision and Gordon explains his reasoning behind having the homeless girl stay with them. Bruce and Selina begin the awkward process of getting to know one another.

Meanwhile, Hargrove is taken from the Gotham escort just after a guard discovers what the prisoner hid in his hand. Harvey Dent is shown to be an optimistic good guy who wants to help, in a short scene with a troubled teen, Harvey reveals he uses a two headed coin. Jim Gordon and Dent agree to become allies and Harvey wants to implicate Dick Lovecraft who he wants to pressure with the information that the Gotham cops have a witness who can identify him as the man behind the Wayne’s murder. The city attorney believes that this will shake things up enough to find out who the killer really is. Gordon agrees to go along with the plan.

Harvey tells Jim about Hargrove’s being taken from the Gotham police escort and the two men decide to look into to the incident by speaking to the man’s only contact while he was in prison, Ian’s brother. Bruce and Alfred spar in the back garden when Selina comes out interrupting the training session. She asks why the butler is teaching Bruce to fight and Kyle points out that fighting in Gotham takes place sans gloves. Alfred warns his young charge about their guest as Selina wanders off to the kitchen, hungry again.

Penguin breaks into Liza’s apartment to hunt for clues to what she is up to and steals what looks like a half-slip or a nightgown. The girl returns and Oswald is almost found out. Jim and Harvey question Ian’s brother and as they question his sibling, the freed prisoner is making a bomb for his rescuers. John Hargrove tells the two Gotham detectives that his brother is not bad, but sick. The bomb that Hargrove made is used to kill a group of guards after the device was hidden in a basket of food.

Selina and Bruce do a little bonding and when the boy gets too inquisitive Kyle gets angry because she believes that young Wayne thinks she is an orphan as well. The bomb was used to get explosives and the police captain sends the detectives off to investigate. Alfred calls Gordon to tell him that Selina staying at Wayne Manor is not working out. Cobblepot stops by to visit Fish Mooney and learns that the perfume he found at Liza’s apartment, that smelled of lilacs, was from her. The female crime boss makes a mistake by underestimating her former employee, yet again.

After Gordon tells Harvey that Barbara has left him and he does not know where she is, the two Gotham cops track Ian down with the help of a clue discovered by Enigma. It turns out that Hargrove left the plate for the cops so he could be rescued. Seconds after finding Ian, he reveals that the men who are holding him captive are forcing him to blow things up. His captors return and as they shoot it out with Gordon and Bullock they take Hargrove away.

Selina and Bruce almost “kiss and make up” but Alfred comes in in the nick of time. Jim Gordon annoys the mayor and Harvey Dent tells Lovecraft that he has an eye witness tying the billionaire to the murder of the Waynes. Nice guy Dent shows that he has another side to his personality and he threatens the Gotham tycoon. Mooney meets with Gregor, the man who rescued Hargrove and tells him where Falcone’s money is so the Russian criminal can steal it.

It turns out that Mooney set up Gregor to be blown up. Selina manages to bond with Bruce and when Alfred catches the two youngsters in a food fight, he tells Jim Gordon that the “girl is a breath of fresh air” and that she can stay. Oswald tells Liza that he knows that she is up to and that she needs to continue without telling Mooney that he knows. Hargrove is moved to Arkham Asylum and Mooney is pleased that she hurt Falcone. Gordon calls Barbara to tell her to return to Gotham because he loves her but it turns out that she is with her former lover Renee Montoya. It looks like Bruce Wayne may be be falling for “Cat” and Jim has lost Ms. Kean. Fish is increasing her infiltration of Falcone’s empire and Oswald is becoming that bit more powerful in Gotham’s underworld.

By Michael Smith



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