Jimmy Fallon and Benedict Cumberbatch Play Three Word Stories [Video]

Jimmy Fallon

On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this Monday evening, Fallon started off the week with a fantastic show. His guests included his special guest, actor and comedian Jim Carrey, the English actor and star of the BBC series, Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch, who he will play the game Three Word Stories with later in the show, and actress Allison Williams, who will be Peter Pan in the NBC production Peter Pan Live! The musical guest of the Tonight Show was supposed to be the rock group, U2, but they will be unable to appear.

Jimmy Fallon started off the Tonight Show by warmly welcoming the audience and then he joked and quipped about people and events in the headlines with his monologue. Some of the jokes he said follow, somewhat paraphrased.

“Here’s what people are talking about,” Fallon said. “As you may have heard, we had to postpone U2 week because Bono broke his arm over the weekend. He injured his arm while cycling in Central Park. He didn’t have to say we were riding tandem.”

“I heard that Kim Kardashian is headed to India to be in their version of Big Brother. It makes sense to be there if you want to break into the Internet.”

“At the G20 Summit, at one point, they took a break and had their photos taken with koalas. Here’s a picture of Kim Jong-Un with a koala,” Fallon said, showing a photo of a koala holding the North Korena dictator.

Hashtag the Panda then came out to “distract” the audience with a blown-up photo of Fallon’s head. He danced, as usual, also. Hashtag the Panda is pretty funny, and had the audience laughing out loud at his antics.

At his desk, Jimmy Fallon said that “Tonight was supposed to be the start of U2 week. Yesterday, he got into a bicycling accident at Central Park and had to have surgery. To all you guys of U2, we’ll be glad to have you on whenever you’d like.” Fallon then mentioned upcoming guests, as well as tonight’s guests, like Benedict Cumberbatch, who is starring in the movie The Imitation Game.

Then, Jimmy Fallon introduced a special guest, Jim Carrey, with a ventriloquist dummy of his co-star, Jeff Daniels, wearing a top hat. “What is that you’re holding?” Fallon said.

“I’m going on a big European tour and Jeff Daniels can’t make it, so I had this made to take with me so Jeff can always be with me,” Jim Carrey said.

“Jim, they can see your lips moving,” the Jeff Daniels dummy said. He placed his hands over Jim’s mouth so people could not see his lips move. Then, Jim and “Jeff” sang a duet of the song My Buddy.

“Oh, my God! Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels, everybody!” Jimmy Fallon said, and the Tonight Show went to a commercial break.

Jimmy Fallon

After the commercial break, Jimmy Fallon introduced his first official guest, actor Benedict Cumberbatch. The Imitation Game will open on November 28. “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome Benedict Cumberbatch! Oh, my God, they love you!”

“Do you know who I am?” Fallon asked.

“Yes, I do — you’re Jimmy…Kimmel.”

Fallon congratulated Cumberbatch on getting engaged, and then they did a comedy bit about making run-of-the-mill announcements and getting a musical response. Benedict is, Fallon showed in a newspaper clip, engaged to a “Miss S.I. Hunter.’

“You seem to be a guy who takes the moment and embraces it. There’s a photo of you at the Oscars photobombing U2. Were you jumping in the air?”

“I’ve got a friend who’s a huge lifetime fan, as I am. I wanted to get a photo of myself with them.”

“Here’s a photo of you in the movie, Gravity, with Sandra Bullock,” Fallon said, showing a photo of Benedict peering into the spaceship Bullock is in, photobombing her.

The Imitation Game — I knew nothing about the guy [Alan Turing].”

Benedict Cumberbatch then related to Fallon exactly who Alan Turing was and why he was one of the most important people in the outcome of WWII.

“By solving the Enigma Code, it’s estimated that 14 million lives were saved. And then, Alan Turing was punished for being gay, and he was chemically castrated,” Cumberbatch told Fallon. Fallon then showed a clip from the movie, which has already won awards, though it has not hit theaters in the U.S. yet.

“Welcome back!” Jimmy Fallon said, as The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon came back from a commercial break. “We’re hanging out with Benedict Cumberbatch here.”

Fallon played a new game called Three Word Stories with Cumberbatch. They would each say three words to a story. Fallon’s goal was to get Cumberbatch to say a word on a card, “Unicorn.” He got Cumberbatch to say it, and then Benedict tried to get Falon to say the word “Booty.” Fallon was being difficult, though, and would not bite and say the word. He did say “Kim Kardashian’s butt,” but that was incorrect.

Benedict was cracking up, as he kept on trying to get Jimmy Fallon to say the word. He said “Money is also –” and then, finally, Jimmy Fallon said the word “Booty.” The game ended, and the Tonight Show went to another commercial break.

Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon then introduced his second guest, who stars in HBO’s Girls besides the upcoming NBC production, Peter Pan Live!, Allison Williams. “Peter Pan, now — this is a big deal,” Fallon said. “It’s a lot different from your role in Girls.”

“Yes, it is,” Alison said. Falon showed a photo of her when she was a young girl, dressed up as Petter Pan.

She said “I’m in a hotel with Christopher Walken.” Jimmy Fallon asked her if they were “hanging out,” and she said “I wish!” She did relate to Jimmy about some of the things she and he both liked. At a deli they went to, Walken said “Can I have two pounds of smoked salmon?”

Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy did an impersonation of Christopher Walken that was pretty accurate and humorous. Allison talked to Fallon about being in a harness and “flying.” Then, she asked him if he would like to try flying out, and he agreed. He put on a Peter Pan hat and Alison helped him into the harness.

“Am I ready to fly?” he asked.

“Yes, but first you have to think lovely, wonderful thoughts, then up you’ll go,” she told him, and he took off. There was a moon and stars in the background and fog at the bottom of the stage.

“Would you like to do a flip?” she asked him.

“I can’t do a flip,” he said; but, with Allison’s help, he did one. Then, the Tonight Show went to yet another commercial break.

Back from the commercial break, Jimmy Fallon introduced a musical guest who was taking the place of U2 tonight, The Roots, and Jimmy Fallon put on a Bono-style hat and sunglasses to sing. He did a great, awesome job! The song he sang was Desire. He also played the electric guitar, and WAILED on the song! Fallon did many of the same sorts of actions Bono does when he performs the song. He acted as if he was playing the harmonica — perhaps he really was — if so, kudos to him; it was an amazing performance.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Jimmy Fallon Plays Three Word Stories With Benedict Cumberbatch [Video]

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