Gotham Lovecraft Mid Season Finale (Recap and Review)


Gotham ended with an action packed mid season finale in Lovecraft and Alfred Pennyworth proved just how tough and resilient he really is. After Harvey Dent put the wind up tycoon businessman Lovecraft by telling him about Selina Kyle knowing who killed Bruce Wayne’s parents someone put a contract out on the future Cat Woman. At the beginning of this week’s episode a young black female assassin heads into Wayne Manor to take out the young street kid and the butler puts up such a fight that Bruce and Kyle escape, Alfred also kills one of the woman’s colleagues.

Gotham City’s other Harvey, Bullock, learns about his namesakes plan to spook Lovecraft. He starts arguing with Gordon at Wayne Manor and a wounded Pennyworth shuts the two cops down and tells them to sort things out later. Gordon and his partner split up and Alfred says he will accompany Bullock, who says it is alright since Pennyworth is pretty handy for a “valet.” On the way out, Bruce’s guardian explains to Bullock that he is a butler.

Selina and Bruce head deep into the heart of Gotham to hide out and the girl tells Wayne that she will help him out because she is just trying to be nice, this is in response to the boy’s tactless remark about her lack of niceness earlier. Kyle was pretty insulted and hurt, especially since she was trying to get the rich kid to kiss her. Gotham: Lovecraft spent the mid season finale piling on the suspense with Falcone trying to find out who knew where he kept the money that was stolen last week, Alfred trying to find Bruce and Jim Gordon being punished by the mayor all kept things fairly tense, add on the contract taken out on Selina, which also put Bruce in danger, and the episode was pretty heavy indeed.

Cobblepot tells Falcone that he has a mole and the Don tells the Penguin to give him proof. Harvey Dent annoys Jim Gordon when he reveals that it was his fault that the assassins went after Selina. Dent tells his “partner” that he whispered Gordon’s name to get things moving and ironically, by the end of the Gotham finale, Jim is fired by the Mayor and put to work in Arkham Asylum as punishment for Lovecraft getting murdered with Jim’s service gun.

One of the highlights of this episode is the pairing up of Alfred and Harvey. This team of chalk and cheese do manage to get results while searching for Master Wayne, but that seems to be down to Pennyworth’s ability to rise to almost any occasion. Falcone, who seems to think Oswald may not be too wrong about Fish Mooney being behind the money theft last week, shoots one of his long time friends and business partners to put out a warning of what will happen when he learns the truth.

Selina manages to talk Bruce into sticking with her, even after she tells him that it was never her plan to testify about who murdered his parents. When she darts off across rooftops, Wayne follows the girl, jumping from one building to another. He barely makes it and she grabs his hand to save him. Selina allows Bruce to tag along but he has to do what she says. The rich orphan agrees. Kyle takes the boy to an underground hideout in Gotham where they bump into the young Poison Ivy, and the youngster is so unnerving that even the future Cat Woman is scared of her.

Alfred and Harvey go to speak with Fish Mooney and the butler shows Butch what an ex marine is capable of and then shows his versatility by convincing Mooney to help him find the missing children. Kyle gives Bruce a fashion makeover and she then goes to see her fence, the same one that Fish tells the temporary dynamic duo of Alfred and Harvey about, he proves that there is no honor amongst thieves when it is revealed that he sold Kyle out to her assassins.

Gordon goes to see Lovecraft and arrest him. The man explains that he did not issue the contract and just as he is about to prove it the Afro American contract killer shows up. Jim puts up a pretty good fight but the woman overpowers him and then uses his gun to kill Lovecraft. At the show’s climax, Kyle and Bruce manage to avoid the assassins while Harvey Bullock and Alfred show up. Jim Gordon arrives after Pennyworth goes into the building after his young charge.

Selina gets away, as does the female assassin and Gordon saves Harvey Bullock’s life. Bruce learns that he is not on the contract and a very relieved Alfred shows up to be reunited with Master Bruce, he tells the boy that he is glad that Wayne is alright as not many people hire “butlers anymore.” Jim Gordon is placed at the Asylum and Kyle gets her kiss. Gotham, Lovecraft was a great mid season finale that had a lot of action and a little puppy love. Oswald Cobblepot is steadily moving toward his plan to control Gotham City’s crime scene and Jim starts working as a security guard. Alfred proves he is pretty bad a** and Jim Gordon tells the Gotham mayor to kiss his.

By Michael Smith



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