Grey’s Anatomy: Can We Start Again Please? [Recap/Review]

Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy would not be the same without something in the past affecting characters, and that is just what happens in Can We Start Again Please. While Derek and Meredith are still somewhat struggling, Amelia’s past comes back to haunt her when a daughter of two patients does not want her working on them.

It all starts with two patients coming out of an ambulance. One seems dead, but the husband is not going to let her go. He saved them both from a fire. Once Meredith convinces Norris to let Haddie go, she finds that she is alive after all. They also have a daughter, and it is not good news from Amelia. This daughter, Sarah, wants a new doctor and spreads it all around the hospital that Amelia has a very dark past. Sarah also lets out that Amelia’s fiancé overdosed.

Rather than comforting his sister, Derek takes the patient. Meredith cannot help but pull Derek up on this later, but he says he will talk to Owen about it. This is clearly not over on Grey’s Anatomy.

For the residents, Jo has her first solo surgery with Bailey. It’s a hernia surgery and all seems to go well, until Jo worries about skipping a step. After speaking to Edwards, she turns to Bailey. After a bit of stewing, Bailey tells Jo to stop second-guessing herself. Everything was perfect.

Richard is the supportive father figure in Grey’s Anatomy’s seventh episode, Can We Start Again Please? Luckily, he already knew about some of Amelia’s past, and tells her that there is nothing she did wrong. All she has to do is stay sober and show that she can still do her job very well. When Richard tells her that she does not need to apologize for her past, Amelia decides that she does not need to discuss anything with Owen.

Derek is going down a dark path on this season’s Grey’s Anatomy. He has clearly wanted Amelia’s job since returning, and now he may have found a way. When Owen wants to know more about Amelia and whether she can be the Head of Neurology, Derek does not answer. That non-answer is enough to have Owen second-guessing his own decision, and Meredith is not happy about it. He does redeem himself by admitting his mistake later on.

Arizona is also dealing with the secret Dr. Herman shared on last week’s Grey’s Anatomy. After Dr. Herman skips out on a fetal surgery, Arizona makes the decision that the baby needs to be born to do the surgery that way. The only issue is that it costs the mother her life. Dr. Herman admits that this was the best decision. The fetal surgery could have cost mother and baby’s life. However, Arizona is not that certain. It is only after Dr. Herman starts vomiting, admits to radiation therapy, but tells Arizona that she did everything right that Arizona realizes she needs to keep her mentor’s secret. She wants to learn everything she can.

Finally, Meredith seems like she is ready to let Maggie in. That only happens after apologizing for the missed dinner, and realizing how much it meant to Maggie. Meredith does the one thing that she knows how, invite Maggie to drinks with her friends. At least it is a start for that growing relationship on Grey’s Anatomy’s Can We Start Again Please?

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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