The Vampire Diaries: Do You Remember the First Time? [Recap/Review]

The Vampire Diaries

It seems Elena really wants those memories back of Damon on The Vampire Diaries, Do You Remember the First Time? Just two episodes after his return, she is even ready to risk her own death to remember everything. It renews Damon’s hope that something will work.

Before all that, Elena seems ready to move on. She is going to the Medical School fundraiser at Whitmore College with Liam, and has even told Damon that she does not feel anything for him. It has to hurt doing everything possible to return, only to find out that someone has removed their memories of love.

There is a lot more, though, before Elena finally decides she really does want to feel something. Matt, Enzo and Stefan all have Tripp tied up, and it is clear that Caroline has been found out. Tripp is not the only one trying to get rid of vampires. There is a large group, and they know that taking Sheriff Forbes is the best way to get to Caroline. Holding the sheriff is also a way for the gang to have Tripp released.

At the restaurant they work at, Tyler and Liv are getting closer, and so are Jo and Alaric. Damon invites himself, and then in true The Vampire Diaries love triangle style Elena and Liam have to turn up. Poor Liam is confused, though. He thought Elena’s ex-boyfriend was dead, and now she needs to explain a few things. Damon decides that dancing is the best time to help Elena remember, but it does not work. Either the compulsion is too much, or her love for Damon was never that strong in the first place.

Poor Bonnie is still stuck on the other side in The Vampire Diaries’ Do You Remember the First Time? It seems that Kai wants both of them to return home, but he is certainly up to something. Bonnie does not want to find out what his revenge plan is, so stabs him. If only it was that easy. She cannot get rid of Kai, so they decide that they need to work together.

There’s a major problem; Bonnie hid her magic—it has never been said that this can happen, so hopefully The Vampire Diaries will explain this in more detail. The magic is in the stuffed animal on the side of the living. Is this the chance the others have to save their deceased friend, once they realize that she is really alive.

Of course, there is one person in particular who will find it. First of all, he has to go accidently searching for it, and for that to happen, Elena tries to remove the compulsion. She jumps into Mystic Falls, letting the magic be taken from her. While it starts to undo the compulsion, it also starts killing her. Damon cannot have that and pulls her back across. With a heavy heart, he tells her that he needs to let her go and leaves.

While drunkenly walking around in the woods, that is where Damon finds the stuffed animal. He knows that Bonnie is still alive somewhere, and now he needs to get her back. Delena fans may not be happy with The Vampire Diaries episode seven, Do You Remember the First Time?, but Bamon fans may have some renewed hope.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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