Grey’s Anatomy Season 11 Episode 6: Don’t Let’s Start [Recap/Review]

Grey's Anatomy

Don’t Let’s Start, the sixth episode of Grey’s Anatomy season 11, threw a spanner in the works for the cast. Just as Dr. Herman was coming across as the most hated character and seemed to set Arizona up for failure, she tells her that she is passing on her knowledge to someone she trusts. She has an inoperable brain tumor. What are the chances that this will lead to the two Shepherds trying to save her?

Arizona is already in a difficult position. Two weeks ago (in real time) she found out that Callie was fed up of fighting for the marriage. After a month long break, Callie realized that she had much more fun. Now Arizona is sleeping at the hospital, and nobody knows about the breakup. Arizona does confess to Alex that she has traded her marriage for her fellowship, and it may not have been the best idea.

Back to Meredith’s adopted sister storyline, it becomes clear that the two are not on a first name basis yet. Maggie calls Meredith “Dr. Grey” in front of Derek, who decides they need to have a family dinner. That includes Richard. In true Grey’s Anatomy style, Meredith does not want to do it and it starts another argument between her and Derek. Meredith is not the only one not sure about it. Maggie and Richard do not really want to do it, either.

Grey’s Anatomy would not be done without another spanner in the works, and for season 11’s sixth episode, Don’t Let’s Start, it is for April and Jackson. April’s mother has come to visit to help them get ready for their child’s birth. While April hates the idea of her mother coming to town, Jackson is happy that she is here.

Bailey is back in this episode, and she has another medical issue to worry about. This time it is heart disease and cancer. She is worried that she is not living the healthy lifestyle that she encourages her patient to live, and starts a running routine. When that leaves her sore, Maggie encourages her to continue. It sounds like Maggie should be taking her own advice when it comes to handling things with Richard. Maybe Bailey will pass that advice onto Richard.

Owen and Callie are back to working together on a carjacking. It turns out the female victim is a homeless war veteran living in her car. This, of course, brings up memories for other Grey’s Anatomy characters, and leads to Jo and Alex arguing. Alex tells her that his home is her home after she whines about him not asking her to move in with him. He did propose, after all.

The episode moves the storylines on slowly. Maggie and Richard end up taking baby steps, and it seems like Meredith and Derek may be working through some of their issues. Now there is just the question of whether Derek and Amelia will find out about Dr. Herman’s tumor she told Arizona about on Don’t Let’s Start, which there is still plenty of time about with season 11 of Grey’s Anatomy.

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