AC/DC Drummer Phil Rudd Murder-for-Hire Charges Do Not Stand


Just 24 hours after being charged for murder-for-hire, AC/DC’s drummer Phil Rudd has found out that the charges do not stand. A high-profile lawyer has admitted that there were “very unusual” judgment errors applied during the arrest. It has led to the police withdrawing the charges.

The drummer’s house was raided on Thursday morning, and he was subsequently arrested at around 7am that morning. He appeared in court that afternoon, but did not give a plea. He was released on bail, and informed that he was not allowed to get in touch with the hitman he allegedly hired. The name of the hitman and his two reported victims were not named.

According to Gary Gotlieb, former head of the Law Society, the Crown solicitor would usually be consulted by the police before serious charges like this were applied. This is especially the case in high-profile cases, such as the arrest of an AC/DC band member. Everything would need to be checked twice to make sure the circumstances held.

Not all of the charges the musician faced have been dropped; just the murder-for-hire. He is still charged with possessing cannabis and methamphetamine and threatening to kill a man two months ago. Queen’s Counsel Paul Mabey, who is defending Rudd, confirmed that the most serious of all charges has been dropped and that he had reviewed all the evidence available to support that serious charge.

Now the murder-for-hire charges do not stand against AC/DC drummer Rudd, there is a chance that he will seek damages. Mabey also stated that the musician had faced “incalculable” damages due to the accusation. The arrest was unnecessary and it has damaged his publicity. People all over the world have heard about the arrest and charge due to “sensational reporting.” It is possible that the police will face legal action for the way they handled the case.

It is important for the police to take a “degree of care” when arresting someone with the attempt to procure murder. According to court documents, the man who was named as the “intended hitman” said that the whole thing had been blown out of proportion. He claims to be friends with Rudd, and was glad to hear that the serious charge had been dropped.

The 60-year-old will appear in court on November 27 to stand for the other charges. His wife seems to be standing by him, and drove him back home yesterday after he was released on bail.

No other band members have spoken about the arrest, except to say that his arrest would not affect their future plans. They were only aware of the arrest due to breaking news. Rudd continues to play with AC/DC and is the drummer on the most recent album to be released in December. He was also the drummer during the most popular years for the band between the late 1970s and early 1980s. He has played on tracks including Highway to Hell, Hells Bells, and Shoot to Thrill. AC/DC members will be very happy to hear that their drummer Rudd’s murder-for-hire charges do not stand.

By Alexandria Ingham


The Daily Mirror


The Independent

Photo credit: CC-3.0 Matt Becker

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