Grumpy Cat Movie Funny or Flop [Video]

grumpy cat

The new Lifetime movie Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever featuring the beloved cranky kitty herself released its first trailer and one has to wonder if the film will turn out to be an amusing and funny endeavor or a total flop altogether. The latest teaser displays aspects of both outcomes.

The trailer features the likes of Aubrey Plaza from the TV series Parks and Recreation as the voice of Grumpy Cat. Young actress Megan Charpentier from the horror film Mama is heavily featured as well, playing a girl named Chrystal who has the Christmas wish of “a friend on whom she can depend.” Chrystal’s wish is granted when the angry feline herself is seen at the girl’s local pet store and she ends up adopting Grumpy as her own.

Chrystal is then amazed by the cat, as she can hear her speak like a human. Grumpy Cat then continues to make her trademark smart-mouthed and pessimistic remarks towards the girl as well as other characters throughout the duration of the teaser. As the actual plot line still remains cloudy by the end of the trailer, it is apparent that there are some type of antagonistic forces that Grumpy takes to fending off on her own by use of a paintball gun.

The footage makes attempts at placing humor that breaks the film’s reality within the movie. Such examples include Grumpy Cat stating that she doesn’t want any sappiness happening, but it is inevitable because she is in a Lifetime movie. Another example includes a visioning of a British-voiced Grumpy Cat playing the part of what is presumably a conscience of sorts and the actual Grumpy yelling, “Get out of here, British Grumpy Cat!”

The movie has great potential, but the trailer is revealed as rather lackluster. The main cause of this is unfortunately the poor quality of Plaza’s performance as the sassy feline. Plaza sounds as if she is simply reading a script and rarely emoting. Although the cat is intended to be rather dry, the animal is “grumpy” so some more anger and annoyance could have done the role a little more justice. Although Plaza displays excellent comedic skills in many of her other works, it seems as if the actress was miscast in this role.

Many viewers originally mistake Grumpy Cat for a male. With this in mind, it is not intended to say a male voice should have taken Grumpy’s part and the gender should have been changed, only that a deeper or less-feminine sounding voice than Plaza’s could have really added a lot more to the comedy the cat was intended for. The likes of an actress such as Jane Lynch would have been perfect for the role. With Lynch’s experience as a voice over artist in films such as Wreck-It-Ralph and notoriety for her dry and pessimistic sense of humor, it is a wonder why the Glee star is not being heard reciting Grumpy’s sassy remarks.

No matter if one believes Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever will result in a funny movie or a sad cinematic flop, only time will tell when the film airs this holiday season. The movie will premiere on the Lifetime Movie Network on Nov. 29, 2014. The aforementioned trailer for the film can be viewed below.

Opinion by Cody Collier


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