Ladies of London is Far Superior to Any Real Housewives Franchise

ladies of london
Ladies of London is a far superior reality television series than any Real Housewives franchise, for several reasons. Although the latter television show is far less known and therefore less popular than the various RH series, it is far above the latter program for more than one reason.

The various installments of Real Housewives have captured the attention of millions of viewers, for their attention grabbing cat fights and subsequent drama that has ensued. This is all well and good in terms of dramatic reality shows; however, Ladies of London has made its mark in reality television in terms of the lack of attention seeking situations that said programs have made of point of ensuing.

First and foremost, the Ladies of London cast has shown that they make a point of being famous for other reasons other than just being related to tycoon dynasty men, and showcase their own talents and achievements. In the Real Housewives franchise, the women are primarily showcased in the shadow of the men they associate with, having nothing to their own name other than their marital association.

Essentially all of the women in the aforementioned hit Bravo & Slice network show have made a name for themselves over the years, building up their own multi-platform companies and organizations, even if their chosen partners have their own source of significant income. The most prominent of these women? Caroline Stanbury, a woman whose royal connections run unrivalled, having dated Prince Andrew and been publicly seen with various high-end individuals of British society. Her husband Clem is an extremely successful business tycoon, but Stanbury makes her own way in the financial world via her similarly high-earning online gift-library, which is said to be accessed by thousands of high-end clients.

Caprice, former sex symbol of Britain, is also part of the show. She made quite a name for herself over the years in terms of her appearances in various men-oriented magazines and the like, before settling down with her American boyfriend and building a multi-national lingerie empire, entitled By Caprice.

The most significant difference between Ladies of London and the various Real Housewives franchises is the lack of scripted catfights and dramatic scenes between the women, which is one of the reasons that RH has become something of a staple in American culture. While certain cast members of the latter Bravo program have put in an effort to cause such scenes amongst their female co-stars, it is a mark of British society that the English-born women involved do not wish to have any involvement in such matters. Newly establish British citizen Juliet, who hails from Chicago, at one point made an extreme effort to start a public screaming match with former Alexander McQueen muse Annabelle, who was having absolutely none of it. Her lack of bait-taking threw Juliet for a loop, as she was obviously quite used to women fighting back regardless of the location they were currently situated in.

While the various Real Housewives franchises are undoubtedly doing better in terms of viewers and ratings, it has become increasingly clear over the past few months that newcomer series Ladies of London is a far superior series in many ways. Whether or not the show will continue on to air another season has yet to be known.

Opinion By Rebecca Grace


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