‘Halo 5’ Multiplayer Leaks as Halo Channel Launches

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Halo 5, not due out until next year for Xbox One, seems to have been the latest victim of internet leaks on the same day Halo Channel, the hub for everything Halo, launches on Microsoft devices. With this leak, those consumers of the upcoming Master Chief Collection now have a deeper understanding of what to expect with their multiplayer beta passes when those go live next month. The Xbox mascot continues to populate the current generation system, attempting to inflate the sales through this holiday juncture while both competitors do the same with their respective strategies.

The Halo 5 multiplayer leak reveals a few separate additions to the science-fiction shooter’s online arena. In past entries, there has been a constant speed between all Spartans, but the leak, and studio themselves, confirmed this fifth main chapter will include the same, permanent sprint button as Halo 4, which is intended to change the pace of combat. Followed by the leak was a confirmation of sorts from Josh Holmes, the head of 343 studios, as well as some added details of subtle tweaks making their return. He confirms that Halo 5 will not have a “hip fire” or zooming penalty added to movement and flinching will also not be a part of the game.

Something that looks to be a bit different in Halo 5 is another concept he calls “descoping.” This will make it so that Spartans zoomed in through a scope will be hit out from their zoom should they be shot. This is intended to give a timely window of recourse to those causing the damage and keep the feeling of helplessness away. This leak, and possibly more, will be a part of Halofest, which will officially reveal some of the Halo 5 multiplayer details and more from the universe. The official link to watch on Twitch is below and the festivities begin today (Nov. 10) at 8 P.M. Pacific Time.

Halo 5 is just one of a trilogy of Halo-related stories with the Master Chief Collection and Halo Channel also making waves across the internet. The Halo Channel is intended to be the location for all fans of the series with statistics, live streams, behind-the-scenes videos and more available behind the Xbox Gold pay wall. There is also an implemented point system that allows users to unlock items for other Halo properties as well as some side activities such as trivia and community votes.

One of the draws to this service, and a huge lead up unto Halo 5 itself, is the episodic show Halo: Nightfall which is bundled with the Master Chief Collection. This series is said to star Agent Locke, who is described as a “legendary manhunter,” and is apparently a focal point for the story leading into the fifth game. This content may be the last project from Xbox Entertainment Studios to ever see the light of day as that entire division was closed earlier this year, sealing away all but Nightfall and a few short-term projects. Once the first episode is watched, 343 hopes that fans are sufficiently prepared for Halo 5, an Xbox One exclusive upon its release, and that those with a beta code from the Master Chief Collection will be ready and able to test the arenas and gameplay during the closed session this holiday season.

By Myles Gann


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