Haven Is Facing Some Serious Troubles

HavenOver the past few years, people in Haven have been through a lot. After the first three seasons however, troubles in this little town should stop for the next 27 years. Well, because of Nathan’s intervention, that did not happen and troubles still remain in Haven. However, judging from the Exposure episode, it seems like Have in facing some more serious troubles.

People in this small town in Maine are special, that is the fact. However, they were not born this way. It was Mara who gave them their troubles and they are only triggered by a very strong emotion. Well, the trouble that just came into Haven in the Exposure episode is not and actual trouble, caused by Mara. It is actually a person, the CDC doctor Charlotte Cross. She is looking for Dave and things might get pretty hot in Haven in the upcoming episodes.

While they were in the cave in the season four premiere, Dave got a very nasty wound on his leg. However, he does not remember where nor how he got this wound. After he and Vince had a car accident, Dave was hospitalized in North Carolina and in the Exposure episode he was finally being released. Dave could wait to go back to Haven, but nurse told him that before he can leave, they need to take a sample from his wound on the leg, because they wanted to send it to biopsy. So, the Teagues brothers became very worried, since the results might reveal that Dave’s injury is not an ordinary one.

Vince decided to steal the sample alone, since Dave got cold feet. Well, things did not go as planned and Vince got caught. After that, nurse called the police and Dave came in, saying that the is the Chief of Police, Garland Wuornos. He even showed his badge, slapped Vince a couple of times and then he took his tissue sample, saying that it is ‘evidence’ now.

After they successfully pulled that trick off, the Teagues brothers were back in Haven, drinking cocktails at the Grey Gull. And their joke was suddenly not so funny any more, when a car with CDC sticker pulled over. A woman identified herself as the CDC doctor Charlotte Cross and she came looking for Dave. Why would CDC send their doctor to Haven? Did Dave’s tissue sample somehow ended in the hands of CDC?

After the Exposure episode ended with such a huge cliffhanger, speculations immediately arose. Vince and Dave were afraid that the secret of people in Haven might be revealed if someone gets his hands on Dave’s tissue sample and it appears that despite their effort to make sure that the secret remains hidden, CDC somehow found out that Haven is no ordinary town.

What happens now? Will people in Haven become lab rats? How much does the CDC know? How will Nathan, Audrey, Duke and Dwight explain who is Mara? What will happen to Mara if CDC finds out that Mara created the troubles? There are so many questions and only 18 more episodes before the series says goodbye. Well, one thing is for sure. Now that the secret is obviously revealed, the gang will have to protect the troubled people in Haven, because once the word gets out that they have special powers, they could soon become lab rats and this is something that will have to be prevented by all means.

Opinion by: Janette Verdnik


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