Haven: Mara and Duke Romance in the Air? (Video)

HavenHaven is marching into its fifth season very strongly and each episode is very enjoyable. Quite a lot is going on right now actually, but new troubles are not the only thing that are interesting to watch in season five. Ever since Mara came to Haven, she has been a big mystery to the viewers and it appears that only one person is able to connect to her in a way that nobody else can – Duke. Given what happened in the Exposure episode, it really feels like there is romance between Mara and Duke in the air.

The story of Duke and Mara, who was actually Audrey then, but she has all of Audrey’s memories, since they are (were) actually one and the same person, goes back to the series very first episode Welcome to Haven. After Audrey first arrived to Haven and dealt with her first trouble, she almost lost her life and Duke rescued her. The scene when she wakes up the next day and Crocker greets her on the deck of his ship with fresh coffee, was most certainly one of the most memorable scenes in Haven. Well, after that, bad boy Duke suddenly started changing and he started helping Audrey and Nathan to solve troubles. The three of them became inseparable and it seemed like Crocker has a huge crush on Audrey.

Duke’s feelings for Audrey became even more obvious in season two, but nothing happened between the two of them. However, in Resurfacing episode in season one, Nathan actually found out that he can feel Parker’s touch and that made her the only person who Wuornos can feel. After that, Nathan’s feelings for Audrey grew only stronger and Duke never got his chance in season two.

Well, in Haven‘s season three, Audrey and Duke finally shared a kiss in Magic Hour episode. They shared a steamy moment in the motel room, but Parker stopped it before it went any further. Crocker was obviously confused, however, this remained their little secret. At least until season five, when Mara showed up and eventually made sure that Nathan found out about Colorado. Duke told his friend that this kiss meant nothing, but the viewers keep wondering if he was telling the truth.

While the gang was trying to bring Audrey back, it soon became pretty obvious that Duke is the only one who can actually get to Mara. Despite the fact that she acts all strong and decisive, there are moments when she looks vulnerable too. And the only person who can reach this vulnerable part of Mara is Duke. After she helped Duke and Audrey to save Nathan in the Exposure episode, Mara asks Duke why is she still alive. Well, Crocker tells her that her glass is still not empty, but it looks like there is more to it than he is willing to admit. Mara sees that too, so she tells him that instead of just bringing Audrey back, he let her live and he separated the two of them. She tells him that he obviously likes having her around and she might actually be right.

In the Exposure episode, Mara and Duke really connected, even tough he is not admitting it. They got drunk together and Duke shared the story about his mother with her. Despite the fact that he talked to Mara about his mother involuntarily, it looked like he was glad that he could share this with her, since he really never talked about the woman who gave him life. So, Mara put him on solid ground when she faced him with the fact that he likes having her around and it is only a matter of time before he realizes that Mara is right.

Mara seems to be just the kind of bad girl that Duke needs beside him, minus the whole I-will-give-everyone-troubles thing. Well, Mara did start to change and she is calming down with each episode that passes, so there is a chance that maybe one day, she will lose her wish of troubling everyone in Haven. For now however, she is still cuffed on Duke’s boat and it looks like they will just keep on spending a lot of time together and only time will tell if the assumptions about the possible romantic connection between the two of theme were true. Well, with everything that he has been through, Duke Crocker most definitely deserves his happy ending.

Opinion by: Janette Verdnik


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