Hollywood Film Awards Debuts on CBS [Recap]

Hollywood Film Awards

Queen Latifah was the host of the TV debut of the Hollywood Film Awards on CBS. She mentioned it had been around for years, but had not been televised prior to its debut tonight on CBS.

She introduced Robert Downey Jr to present the Hollywood Film Awards Best Supporting Actor Award. He said he “had the honor to produce a film in which Bobby stars,” referring to Robert Duvall. He described working with Duvall in one word: “Passion.” He stated “There’s never been anyone better, and likely never will be.”

Then, clips from Robert Duvall’s latest movie, The Judge, was shown. “It was a very enticing project,” he said about the film. Robert Downey Jr then presented the award to Robert Duvall. “He and his wife, Susan, are wonderful producers,” Duvall said.

Laura Dern was the next presenter on the Hollywood Film Awards, for Breakout Performance by an Actress. “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity,” she said. Shailene Woodley won this award for The Fault in Our Stars. Dern is her mother in the movie. “I’m a grenade. One day I’m going to explode, and obliterate everything in my wake,” Woodley said in one line shown in clips from the movie.

This show was different from many other awards shows, in that the stars were there to “honor their own,” and no list of people nominated was mentioned. There were also no comedy monologues and big production numbers. Just a presenter would come onstage, who knew the person getting the award, to present the award to the winner.

Queen Latifah then introduced Christoph Waltz who presented the Hollywood Film Awards award for Best Supporting Actress to Keira Knightley. She starred in the movie The Imitation Game with Benedict Cumberbatch.

Then, Reese Witherspoon presented the Breakthrough Director Award to Jean-Marc Vallée for the movie, Wild, which also stars Reese. “He is such a thoughtful, emotional, evocative filmmaker,” Reese said as clips from the movie played on the screen.

He thanked Reese Witherspoon for her work in the movie. “Becoming a Breakthrough Director at the age of…51…takes a lot of hard work, grey hair, and dedication.” Jean also directed The Dallas Buyers Club, among others.

After a commercial break, Jerod Leto presented the award for Hollywood Breakout Performance. he gave it to actor Eddie Redmayne for his role as Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything. “It’s an honor for me to present the 2014 Hollywood Film Award for Breakout Performance for an Actor to Eddie Redmayne,” Leto said.

Redmayne gave a great acceptance speech. “Above all, I would like to thank Stephen Hawking,” he said. “It’s not just our challenges and limitations that challenge us, but how we overcome him.”

Hillary Swank was the next presenter on the Hollywood Film Awards show. The award was for Best Screenwriter, for the person who wrote the screenplay for Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn, who also wrote the book. The scenes from the movie looked pretty creepy. Gillian said “A writer could not have a better collaborator than director David Finch.”

Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler introduced Janelle Monáe singing a song from Rio, What Is Love? Then, Randy presented her with the Hollywood Song Award. She gave a very classy acceptance speech.

Queen Latifah then introduced Robert Pattinson, to give the Hollywood Film Festival Award for Best director. Pattinson talked about The Imitation Game and showed scenes from the movie, starring Robert Cumberbatch. The scenes looked very suspenseful. The Best Director Award went to the movie’s director, Morton Tyldum. He talked about Alan Turing, who the movie is based on, in his acceptance speech.

After lost of commercials, Jonah Hill gave the Hollywood Film Awards Best Ensemble Cast Award for the movie, Foxcatcher. Steve Carrell was one of the people who gave the acceptance speech, as well as Channing Tatum.

Queen Latifah then introduced Angelina Jolie, who presented the Hollywood Film Awards New Hollywood Award to Jack O’Connell for his role in Unbroken, which Jolie directed. Then, scenes from the movie were shown — they looked very dramatic.

The next person Queen Latifah introduced was comedian Chris Rock. Then, scenes from his upcoming movie, Top Five, were shown. She presented Chris Rock with the Hollywood film Comedy Award. Rock is one of the greatest living comedians around. The Hollywood Film Awards went another commercial break.

When the Hollywood Film Awards returned, Jennifer Lopez presented the Hollywood Best Animation Award to How to Train Your Dragon 2. The scenes from it looked pretty amazing! Gerard Butler accepted the award for the entire cast and crew of the movie.

Queen Latifah said that the next presenter has “seen a lot of trouble” in her film roles, and then mentioned some of them. The person was actress Gena Davis, who gave the Hollywood Career Achievement Award to Michael Keaton for his role in Birdman and his many other roles, like as Beetlejuice and Batman. Then, scenes from Keaton’s many and diverse movies were shown. The audience gave him a standing ovation as he walked onto the stage to accept the award.

After more commercials, actress Kristen Stewart presented the Hollywood Actress Award to actress Juliane Moore for her role in Still Alice.

Johnny Depp presented the next award for Hollywood Documentary Award to Mike Myers for his movie about the rock manager, Shep Gordon, called Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon. Mike gave a fascinating acceptance speech, saying “While it’s nice to be discovered, it’s better to discover yourself.”

Chadwick Boseman gave the next award, the Hollywood Film Awards Blockbuster Award, to Guardians of the Galaxy. Scenes from the movie were then shown — it is an AMAZING film! Chris Pratt and directer James Gunn accepted the award. Pratt said he “had to go out of the country for six months while his wife was with their infant son.”

Hollywood Film Awards

Queen Latifah then introduced Benedict Cumberbatch, who played Alan Turing, who cracked the Enigma Code. The scenes from the movie, The Imitation Game, looked pretty AMAZING. Amy Adams presented Benedict with the award, who called it “truly an embarrassment of riches.” He called Alan Turing “a hero of all times” and “a gay icon” and “a war hero and the father of the Modern Computing Age.” Cumberbatch gave a moving and heartfelt acceptance speech.

The last Hollywood Film Awards, for Hollywood Film, was presented by actor and director, Ron Howard. The movie that won was Gone Girl. Ben Affleck accepted the award and thanked David Finch “for showing his junk.” But, he said it was too cold on the set, so….Affleck also said “It was a pleasure to work with” the entire cast.

The television debut of the Hollywood Film Awards was a rousing success. Queen Latifah moved the show right along very well, and the show only rna over around seven minutes. There was no extra fluff and filler to the awards show — just actors and actresses presenting awards to their fellow actors, actresses, and directors. Gone Girls, The Imitation Game and Foxcatcher were three of the big winners of the evening.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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