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Idina Menzel has risen to super-stardom with the release of Disney’s mega-hit animated film Frozen and just recently the star stated that the movie very well might be in the beginning stages of a sequel. The actress voices the character of Elsa, the reluctant Queen of Arendelle who possesses the power to control ice and snow and finds comfort in learning to accept herself for who she is, a message that has resonated with millions across the world.

In an interview with the U.K.’s paper, The Telegraph, Menzel was questioned about the future of the Frozen franchise. Earlier this year, it was announced that Broadway will be producing a full-fledged stage adaptation of the animated film within the coming years. Talks of a short film starring some of the famous Frozen characters like Elsa, her sister Anna and the lovable snowman Olaf is reportedly supposed to show in front of one of Disney’s films releasing next year. Then the rumor that a feature-length sequel to the original film is in the works as well.

Menzel reportedly stated that all of the aforementioned are in some phase of production. When questioned about her involvement with each medium, the star stated that she will not be involved with the Broadway musical. The reasoning for this is most likely due to the fact that Menzel’s age is significantly older than the age her character Elsa is meant to portray. Although the vocals may match perfectly, it seems that it may be best for the actress to let a new star take hold of Elsa for the stage show.

However, Menzel did state that she will hopefully be involved in the film side of things. In her making this statement, many are saying that the actress has indeed confirmed that there will undoubtably be a sequel to the successful movie. Although, no plot details or really any details other than it will be happening have been revealed. The star simply stated she is going along for the ride and her fans are surely very excited to see where that leads.

The success of Frozen proved to be a surprising success, one greater than any involved with it could have imagined. With over $1 billion in box office earnings, the film has become the highest-grossing animated movie of all time and the fifth highest-earning of any movie in history. Frozen merchandise has taken stores by storm as well, Anna and Elsa dolls have surpassed all Barbie dolls on girls’ most wanted items on their Christmas lists this holiday season.

Menzel is finding much success apart from Frozen as well. The actress has been starring in the Broadway musical If/Then for the past year now and received a Tony Award nomination for her performance. The star will be taking her final bow in the show early next year as she will begin a world concert tour beginning summer 2015.

Idina Menzel has become a household name thanks to the likes of the worldwide phenomenon of Frozen. One can expect to see and hear much more from this leading lady in the years to come.

By Cody Collier

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