Idris Elba Spills on The Avengers Age of Ultron Does he Want Out?



Just recently, award winning actor Idris Elba spilled the news that he and Tom Hiddleston are both in The Avengers: Age of Ultron and admitting that he was speaking out of turn by doing so, does this mean the English actor want out of the Marvel verse? Speaking to British news publication The Telegraph, Elba revealed that he felt Marvel films were “torture” compared to his other movie roles. The London born entertainer has been working in Ibiza as a club DJ on a sort of sabbatical. The actor has been very busy the last couple of years on top of playing Nelson Mandela in Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom which was a highlight for the Golden Globe winner.

The Hackney London lad has been working steadily with some great roles in huge films, Pacific Rim, where his speech in the film’s trailer gave movie fans the world over goosebumps, and moving out of the Marvel verse into the difficult job of recreating the beloved South African leader Madiba, Idris could be forgiven for having a hard time returning to the land of Asgaard. According to the Prometheus actor when he had to return to London to film a “secret scene” for the latest movie in the franchise of Marvel, The Avengers: Age of Ultron the whole process was “torture.”

Even though the 42 year old actor and temporary Ibiza DJ has a two for one formula which he says keeps him sane, it may be harder to return to the comic book universe of Stan Lee and the Marvel superheroes along with Thor and Loki than Idris Elba cares to admit. The fact that the actor spills his participation in the secret scene for The Avengers: Age of Ultron even after knowing he was not meant to, seems to point to his wanting to get out of the Asgaard business altogether. It must be extremely difficult to get the mind around being a world leader one minute and then returning to a fictional creation from a mythological world the next.

Elba reveals to Telegraph journo Craig McLean that while he was hanging upside down on a green screen set for a reshoot on Thor: The Dark World that the actor told his agent he did not want to “do this.” Idris was then informed that it was “all part of the deal.” The star also said that having to work on the Marvel film was torture after working on the biopic. He explained that having fake hair and his character’s helmut glued to his head, along with the contact lenses he needs for the role in Thor, frustrated him and in his mind Elba was thinking that the day before he was Mandela.

Certainly the actor owes much to the Marvel verse for his success, but not all of his box office draw is from his portrayal of Heimdall in the Thor films and now The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Idris Elba is a star on television, film and the stage. The actor has played a broad range of characters and his spilling of the secret scenes in the latest Avengers film may mean that he does not want to re-don the “f***ing helmut” of Heimdall, as the actor put it in the Telegraph interview. It will be interesting to see how the filmmakers react to Idris letting the Ultron “cat out of the bag.”

By Michael Smith





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