Lena Dunham Denies Right-Wing Child Molestation Allegations

Girls star Lena Dunham has gone into a self-proclaimed “rage spiral” regarding recent allegations that she sexually abused her younger sister Grace, back when the girls were aged seven and one year old, respectively. The actress recently took to Twitter to express her anger regarding the aforementioned allegations, which appeared in the pre-eminent conservative magazine National Review.

The molestation allegation in question refers to a passage in Dunham’s recently published memoir entitled Not That Kind of Girl, in which she recalled a circumstance in which she examined her infant sister’s private parts in order to see whether or not they were the same as hers. As well as this, the 28-year-old acknowledged that she engaged in self-pleasure activities while in the same bed as said younger sister, and even went so far as to bribe the girl with candy in order to get her to engage in amorous activities with her. In the referenced passage of said memoir, the New York native referred to herself, perhaps humorously, as a “sexual predator”, in that she was engaging in the same sort of behavior as a predator would in their attempts to woo a suburban girl of a young age.

The allegation in question was not the first sexual bombshell from Dunham’s memoir. She claims that while as a student at Oberlin College in 2005, she was raped by a college Republican while under the influence of alcohol, Xanax and cocaine. The girl has not since filed any charges against said Republican, nor has she attempted to have any kind of investigation launched against him.

While admitting her actions could certainly be construed as somewhat strange, Dunham did not hesitate to accuse her accusers of twisting her words, and claimed that her sister found the controversy amusing. She went on to voice her opinion that the accusations were hurtful and disgusting, and therefore she could not brush off the commentary as she normally would when it came to hateful accusations regarding her character.

National review has refused to apologize, and is standing by its story. Reporter Kevin Williamson, who broke the story, has since argued that Dunham’s behavior cannot be construed as anything other than horrific and blatantly inappropriate. Williamson’s story was picked up and amplified by a number of other right-wing websites, adding fuel to the fire and regarding the conservative attack on the so-called liberal media as out of touch and even depraved.

Dunham, who first gained notoriety via her indie film Tiny Furniture, is the daughter of artist parents Carroll Dunham and Laurie Simmons. Both her parents’ art works are highly sexualized and controversial, and their daughter was raised in an NYC apartment festooned with nude photographs of her mother in provocatively sexual poses. The girl’s upbringing has been speculated as being relevant towards her somewhat outlandish sexual behavior on the aforementioned HBO series, Girls.

The fourth season of Dunham’s hit HBO series Girls, which will include new series regular Gillian Jacobs (best known for her role as Britta Perry on the formerly hit NBC comedy Community), is set to debut in early 2015.

By Rebecca Grace

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