‘Infected Lesser Evils’ by Andrea Speed (Book Review)

Infected Lesser EvilsInfected Lesser Evils by Andrea Speed is the sixth book in the Infected Series and proves that this author knows exactly what she is doing in writing suspenseful urban fantasy. This book has been reissued by DSP Publications as part of the publisher’s official launch. Infected Lesser Evils is like the first books in the series in that the story is actually broken into two parts. Each part brings a new investigation and mystery as well as more complications and problems for private investigator Roan to solve and struggle with.

Roan has always had the upper hand when it comes to his own virus and the control he has over his lion. Now though his control is starting to slip and it has been happening at very bad times. At the same time as Roan is dealing with his own control problems a new drug is causing other infecteds to shift when they should not be shifting. Then there is Holden who gets attacked by one of his clients and finds himself in a relationship that he never saw coming. All of this comes when a serial killer is targeting individuals who are infected while they are in their shifted form.

Infected Lesser EvilsWith a serial killer who is legally allowed to make these kills on the loose, Roan has to basically work outside of the law in order to stop the killer. Unfortunately, with Roan’s control not at its best, his thirst for violence is making him feel like he may be more like the killer than he is comfortable admitting. Not only is he having control problems but his inability to talk about it with his husband Dylan is putting a strain on their relationship. So not only is Roan trying to save other infected individuals, he is also trying to save himself.

In order to best appreciate Infected Lesser Evils by Andrea Speed, it is important to read the previous books in the series. Although the stories are strong enough to stand on their own, there are many carry overs from the earlier books. The world has continued to develop over the course of the series and the best way to get a feel for the backstory and what being an infected means, is to read the first five books.

In Infected Lesser Evils, Roan is truly struggling with his virus and lion and this is something that while not new to the series seems to be much more pronounced in this particular installment of the series. Even the relationship between Roan and Dylan appears to have hit some snags. The way Speed addresses these issues allows the reader a chance to really empathize with the characters. There is a rich depth to the writing that gives this particular urban fantasy series something more than just a cut and dry look at shifters and paranormal stories.

One thing that Speed has mastered, especially in Infected Lesser Evils is the cliffhanger. Previous books have ended in a cliffhanger but this book almost has an ominous tone to the ending and definitely leaves the reader wondering what the author has in store for Roan and the gang. There is something to be said for an author that delivers devastation and angst as easily as humor and sarcasm. Every book gets progressively better as the characters continue to develop and evolve along with the world and the virus that seems to change on a continuous basis.

By Kimberley Spinney


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