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Janice Dickinson

Janice Dickinson, TV host and self-proclaimed world’s first supermodel is the latest individual to come forward and accuse Bill Cosby of sexual assault. In a new interview on Entertainment Tonight, Dickinson came forward as one of the latest victims of Cosby. This news comes at a time when a number of other women have also stepped forward with allegations of rape against the comedian who is now 77 years old.

In the interview, Dickinson says that she was assaulted after a dinner with Cosby in 1982. The dinner was to discuss a potential role on the comedian’s The Cosby Show. The TV host was asked by Cosby to come to Lake Tahoe where he was apparently performing so they could talk about a potential job opportunity and his offer to help her with her singing career. Dickinson says she was complaining of stomach pains and Cosby gave her a pill along with a glass of red wine.

She says that when she woke the next morning she was not wearing any pajamas and that she remembers that before she passed out that she was sexually assaulted by Cosby. As part of the interview she tells Entertainment Tonight that she remembers Cosby wearing a robe and then dropping it and getting on top of her. She also says that she remembered being in a lot of pain.

Accusations of rape against Cosby have been coming in since a stand up gig by Hannibal Buress went viral last month where he outright called the comedian a rapist. Since then a column was written for The Washington Post by Barbara Bowman about Cosby assaulting her and questioning why it took so long for anyone to believe her. Another apparent victim, Joan Tarshis also broke her silence in a piece for the publication Hollywood Elsewhere.

Dickinson says that the reason she came forward as one of the latest to accuse Cosby of assault is because she believes it is the right thing to do. She says that she believes the other women and since it has happened to her she knows that the stories are true. In her memoir, No Lifeguard on Duty, there is a reference to the dinner in Lake Tahoe but her account of exactly what happened after dinner is different in the book. Dickinson says that she originally included the entire story in the memoir but that Cosby’s lawyers demanded that it be removed from the book.

Cosby’s lawyer John P. Schmitt issued a statement on Sunday in regards to the assault allegations. Schmitt says that the allegations which have already been discredited have once more resurfaced. He says that although the accusations are being reiterated it does not make them truthful. In the statement, Schmitt says that Cosby will not dignify the allegations with a comment and that he is thankful to his fans for their continued support of him.

Since the latest accusation by Dickinson against Cosby, the statement on the website has been removed. In its place viewers can find a statement addressing a 2005 lawsuit from Andrea Constand against Cosby for sexual assault. At this point there have now been more than a dozen women that have made accusations against the comedian. Representatives for Cosby who have been contacted to comment have not responded and no further word from Cosby or his lawyer have been issued.

By Kimberley Spinney


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