Sleepy Hollow: Mama (Recap/Review)

Sleepy HollowNinth episode of Sleepy Hollow, titled Mama, brought some insight into Abbie’s and Jenny’s relationship with their late mother. They finally find out what happened to her and the real reason why she took her own life.

Mama episode opens with Abbie, who is having a dream about her mother. Ichabod comes to the archives and as he wakes her up, he tells her that she is usually not taking afternoon naps. Abbie admits that she has been dreaming about her mother for the past week and she has no idea what this dreams mean. She receives a call from Reyes and when Crane wants to join her, Mills orders him to take his medicines and go to sleep, because he has a cold.

When Abbie arrives to the police station, she learns that she will be working on a case at Tarrytown Mental Institution, where three patients recently committed suicide. Since Crane is sick, Abbie asks her sister to join her. Besides, Jenny knows the place better than anyone, because she spent a few years as a patient there. Mills sisters check the video from the last victim’s room and they are shocked when they see their mother Lori standing in the corner of that room. Abbie calls Hawley, because she needs all the help that she can get.

Nick, Abbie and Jenny are back at Tarrytown and they are monitoring the patients. When they see that one of them is about to cut his wrists, they rush over there and they save him just in time. Abbie sees her mother and Mills disappears from the room. She finds herself in an abandoned wing of the hospital and her mother appears again. She warns her daughter, but she does not get a chance to say anything more, because nurse Gina Lambert comes in. Meanwhile, Jenny and Nick are looking for Abbie and Jenny sees her mother too. Jenny finds Abbie and they realize that their mother left them a note: TPRJLM12. Well, according to Abbie, this is one of the video sessions that their mother had here at Tarrytown.

Back at the archives, Mills sisters find that video and when they take a look, they learn that their mother was afraid of nurse Lambert. However, the doctor kept telling her that this nurse does not exist and does not work at Tarrytown. Meanwhile, Lambert finds another victim: Captain Irving. Luckily, Abbie and the gang come in just in time to save his life. After they discover that nurse Gina Lambert killed several patients in 1950s and was later executed, Mills sisters and Hawley decide to take a look at Lori’s room at Tarrytown, because Lori obviously knows how to defeat the nurse. Abbie discovers a painting of her and Jenny on the wall, along with the notes of the song that their mother sang to them. In the next moment, Lori appears again and she tells her daughters that there is a hex, which can destroy the nurse, however, it is written in the journal that was passed on to her from her ancestor Grace Dixon. Before Lori manages to say anything else, Lambert comes there and she takes Abbie.

Lambert almost manages to get Abbie to kill herself when Lori appears and she starts fighting for her daughter. Meanwhile, Jenny and Nick find the journal and she starts reading the hex. After she reads it for a few times, Lambert is finally defeated. Hawley and Jenny then find Abbie, who tells her sister that she just wants to see their mother again. Well, Jenny says that there is a way, so she, Abbie, Nick and Ichabod gather in Lori’s room at Tarrytown and Jenny summons their mother. Lori tells Abbie that she knew that her daughter is a witness and that she was destined to win this war. After that, she says her goodbyes and disappears. When the gang is driving back home, Irving suddenly appears in the middle of the street. He tells Abbie that he escaped, because he believes that he will be of better use if he is not in Tarrytown. So, he is now a fugitive, but finally, he is back in the game and a part of the good old gang again.

Katrina is still at Fredericks Manor and she still sees Moloch as a human baby. Henry persuades her to take the baby into her arms, because she can now redeem for not being his mother. Well, when she takes the baby, her skin starts becoming all black and when Katrina later sees the changes on her skin, she starts making a potion. When she makes it, Katrina heads to baby’s room, but he is not there. So, she goes downstairs and much to her surprise, the baby is now a boy. Not only that, he believes that Katrina is his mother.

So, Moloch is still alive and Katrina has an even more difficult task now, since the baby is not just a little helpless creature anymore. Why is her skin becoming black? Well, since she knows that her necklace allows her to see Abraham in human form, how does she not realize that it does the same thing with the baby? One thing is for sure: Moloch is growing very fast and if Katrina does not kill him soon, her mission will fail and things will get pretty ugly in Sleepy Hollow‘s upcoming episodes.

By: Janette Verdnik


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