Supernatural Season 10 Episode 6: Ask Jeeves [Recap/Review]


It has been a while since Supernatural took something and turned it into something else, but episode six of season 10, Ask Jeeves, did just that. It did it well for the most part, and certainly brought some of the old humor for another standalone episode. The best part was seeing Clue happen for real, with all the traditional weaponry being thrown in.

The episode all starts with Dean wanting to get back to normal still. He is working on the Impala yet again, which is a tell-tale sign that something is wrong. Supernatural fans know that he works on that when he is thinking things through and avoiding a chick-flick moment with his brother.

There was a moment of sadness as Dean sees a message on one of Bobby’s phones. How many bills are those two brothers having to pay considering they seem to keep everyone’s phones once they’re dead. This message came from Bunny LaCroix, and found out that she had named Bobby in her will. When they get there, though, Bunny’s ghost kills the main. Soon after, someone else dies after the ghost of Bunny’s husband shows up. Now it is up to the Winchesters to find out which weapon and which room.

When Sam finds the butler dead, while Dean is talking to the same person, they soon realize that it is not a ghost. They are dealing with shapeshifters, and silver is not helping them weed the shifters out. The family turn the tables and believe the Winchesters are to blame, and they soon end up locked up. Now how were they going to solve the Ask Jeeves mystery in Supernatural’s sixth episode of season 10?

The second maid soon confesses to the murders, after admitting to be an illegitimate daughter of Bunny. Bunny and a shifter had an affair, and the shifter dad killed Bunny’s husband. Bobby was there to kill the shifter, and almost the daughter. However, the daughter ended up being locked in the attic until Bunny’s death.

Dean finally got the kill that many Supernatural fans have been worried about him getting. He picked up the revolver and killed the maid, in the kitchen with silver bullets. The kill shots were not enough. He pretty much emptied the revolver in the body, making it clear that he still craves the kill. He still needs the kill.

The writers certainly let fans know they were fully aware that Dean had not killed since coming back from being a demon. When Sam questioned his brother about the multiple, unnecessary shots, Dean claimed it was all out of nerves. Dean Winchester does not get nervous. Everyone knows that, and it is clear avoidance when he turns up the music to continue the drive home.

Poor Sam has to deal with a serious dilemma. Was the Mark of Cain making Dean want to kill, or is there still part of him deep down that is still a demon? Those who were worried about the quick transformation from Demon Dean back to normal, may not have to worry about it anymore. It looks like the Supernatural writers really do have something up their sleeves based on that moment in season 10’s sixth episode, Ask Jeeves.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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