Jason Momoa Gets Praise for Aquaman [Video]


Film and television star Jason Momoa is the latest to take on a prolific super hero role. Mostly known for his role as Khal Drogo on the HBO hit-series Game of Thrones and Ronon Dex on Syfy’s Stargate: Atlantis, the uber-masculine actor takes a leap onto the big screen in three upcoming DC comics flicks. Momoa will be playing the iconic role of Aquaman in the upcoming Batman versus Superman: Dawn of Justice movie, Justice League Part One and Two, and Aquaman movie. Considering that Momoa is not a household name, there might be some reservations from fans. Rest assured, director Zack Snyder puts those worries to rest as he praises the actor for taking on the tough task.

Wrapping up filming for the latest Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in Michigan, director Zack Snyder took the time to call into The Stoney and Billy morning show on The Ticket, to express his high regard for Momoa. The director went on to state that Momoa was a great individual with a great personality and a large frame. His involvement in the flick was nothing short of a great experience for the director and even brought some respect to the Aquaman character. Considering that the fictional Atlantean king is not as prolific as Batman or Superman, his inclusion in the cast for the movie is still under some speculation. Over the past few years, DC has been focusing on making Aquaman tougher and cooler to readers. Aquaman may just have a slight cameo or two-seconds of screen time, but the following flicks should display what the character is fully capable of.

Balancing both stunt and dialogue-heavy roles, Momoa has the potential to become a universal actor. His short run on the popular tv show The Game found him portraying Roman- a physical trainer who ended up becoming physically and verbally abusive to Brittany Daniel’s character Kelly Pitts. In that role, Momoa was able to show off some acting skills by delivering some believable dialogue and playing an intimidating villain. Because of his large physique, it seems that he is always type-casted in roles of a conqueror or aggressor in action films. Already a beneficial career move, his involvement in the Aquaman brand and DC franchise could give Momoa the opportunity to show that he is more than just a cookie-cutter action hero, while toughing up the character’s image.

The global success of The Avengers film set off a figurative racing gun for DC to deliver a successful superhero team movie.  The race to rush a series of movies that bring comic book heroes from the pages to the big screen was on between Marvel and DC comics. Never before have these two franchises been in such a hurry to bring these fan favorites to the cinema. Hopefully with such a rush and pressure placed on making successful films, the studios will deliver quality as well as quantity. With praise from director Zack Snyder, Momoa’s role as Aquaman already has its first positive review.

By Tyler Cole





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