Jessa Duggar Is Now a Married Woman


Jessa Duggar is now a married woman with the last name Seewald. She wed her new husband Ben on Saturday in front of over 1,000 guests. They penned their own personal wedding vows, and waiting to have their first kiss until after they spoke those vows. However, they ended up giving the guests a bombshell who had been enthusiastically waiting to watch the couple lock lips in front of the church after Pastor Michael Schadt presented them as Mr. and Mrs. Seewald.

The minister told several different news media sources that Jessa and Ben decided that they wanted to have their first kiss to be a private one. That was something that was extremely essential to each of them. Pastor Schadt explained that to the wedding gathering after the couple had exchanged their vows and about their decision. He then asked if Jessa’s parents Jim Bob and Michelle would instead step in and provide a kiss so the guests would have a Duggar kiss to see.

Jessa, age 21, and Ben, age 19, got married in Bentonville, Arkansas. The pair had declared they were engaged back in August of this year. The reason they had never kissed before the wedding was because they explained that they were following steadfast firm dating guidelines, which forbid them from doing anything other than holding each other’s hands during their yearlong courtship. The couple also wanted to enjoy their first actual kiss in private, stated the media.

This was the second wedding for the Duggar family in 2014. Jessa’s older sister Jill, age 23, got married to Derick Dillard back in June and they are already expecting their first child. After the Duggar parents kissed in front of the crowd, Pastor Schadt laughed and stated that the guests had actually seen a real Duggar kiss now.

After they had spent some time alone, the brand new bride and groom came out and posed for photographs and they later swapped numerous loving kisses and hugs during their reception. However, the Duggar wedding was also missing something else customary, and that was the usual wedding cake. The pair, instead, decided to have ice cream sundaes, so wedding guests were able to choose from ice cream, brownies and an assortment of toppings that included candy, chocolate, fruit toppings, cookies and caramel. Jessa explained that she does not like cake so she and Ben decided to have an ice cream sundae bar instead. The pair had distinctive ice cream flavors for their personal sundaes. Jessa picked chocolate and Ben had mint chocolate chip.

Jessa got her bridal gown from a show in Fayetteville. It was a dress that came from one of their modest lines. It had a full bodice covered with beads that were made of pearls and crystals. There was also some of the tulle inside the dress taken out so it would lay just like Jessa wanted it to fall. She told different news media sources that it happened to be the second dress that she had tried on and that she absolutely loved it.

The co-owners of the bridal shop stated that the dress was completely perfect for Jessa. They stated that they did not know if she would like it due to the fact that it was not the customary wedding dress white. However, Jessa always came back to this certain dress and her sisters all liked it as well, so everybody was in agreement about it. The newly married couple was applauded on by the wedding guests who blew bubbles as the pair took off from their reception riding in a horse-drawn carriage.

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