Jimmy Fallon and Liam Hemsworth Race Giant Tricycles [Video]

Jimmy Fallon

Friday is here, hooray, and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon has some amazing guest, including Liam Hemsworth (Catching Fire) who Jimmy Fallon races on a giant tricycle against him later in the show! Also, one of Fallon’s guests was Katherine Heigl, from the new TV series, State of Affairs. His third guest was comedian Sebastian Maniscalco, and Kool & the Gang sat in with the house band, The Roots. Also, Fallon did his weekly “Thank You Notes” segment.

Jimmy Fallon opened up the Tonight Show by welcoming his audience. They gave him a standing ovation. Then, he did his monologue, joking about people and events in the news. Some of the jokes, slightly paraphrased, follow.

“Hot crowd! Here’s what people are talking about. After a six year battle, Congress will be opening up discussions about continuing the Keystone pipeline. They want to have enough oil for Kim Kardashian’s next photo shoot.”

“Yesterday, the Russian army introduced a plan to modernize their weapon systems over the next six years. Obama said ‘How many years?'”

“Have you seen the show, Cake Boss? Buddy Valastro, the Cake Boss, was pulled over for drunk driving. He said ‘You can’t arrest me — I’m the Cake Boss!” When asked on The Family Feud what one of the best desserts in the world was, he said he had to “Pass.”

“There are reports that the National Health Organization has invested $10 million to develop games to do away with obesity.”

Jimmy Fallon then did his weekly Tonight Show Superlatives comedy bit about NFL football player Most Likely to Be voted to be or do, like with high school yearbook photos. The bit was funny, but loses a lot without seeing the video that went with the jokes, as it was a visual comedy bit.

Fallon then mentioned that “the legendary Kool & the Gang” was sitting in with The Roots. Jimmy Fallon sang one of their songs as they played.

He said that U2 would be there all next week, and he asked viewers to send clips of themselves lip syncing to The Miracle, or The Miracle of Joey Ramone. He said Liam Hemsworth from Mockingjay would be a guest tonight, and the would be racing giant tricycles later in the show. He then mentioned the other guests, and did his “Weekly Thank You Notes.” Some follow:

“Thank you, President Obama, for telling the Chinese President you want to take the relationship to a whole new level. Or, as the woman in the next booth over said, ‘I’ll have what she’s having.'”

“Thank you, trailers at movies, for letting me know what movies the man behind me wants to see.”

“Thank you, McDonalds, for bringing back the McRib. Presumably, because the CDC was too busy with Ebola.”

“Thank you, New York, for being declared ‘Ebola free.’ Just in time for my in-laws to be visiting for Thanksgiving.” The Tonight Show then went to a commercial break.

When the Tonight Show returned, Jimmy Fallon introduced the first guest of the evening, actor Liam Hemsworth. “Our first guest is a talented actor who stars in Mockingjay: Part One — ladies and gentlemen, Liam Hemsworth!”

Jimmy Fallon said “One of your buddies will be hosting the Tonight Show, right?”

“Right! Woody Harrelson will be hosting it.”

“What movie makes you cry?” Jimmy Fallon asked him

“The Titanic. I just see that beautiful guy die, and…”

Fallon asked him who his biggest crush was, and he said on “Alyssa Milano from Charmed.”

Liam talked about an awkward time of his life in high school.

Liam admitted that “Anytime I had to kiss Jennifer Lawrence was uncomfortable.” When Fallon asked him why, he said because Jennifer would eat disgusting things like tuna fish or garlic before kissing scenes and would add that she had not brushed her teeth.

A question asked if Liam ever wore high heels. On cue, Fallon brought out two pairs of high heeled shoes. one for Liam and one for himself, which they put on, much to the delight of the audience.

Jimmy Fallon then talked about Mockingjay: Part One with Liam. Fallon showed a clip from the movie. Lawrence was rockin’ a partially shaved head. Then, Jimmy Fallon challenged Liam to a giant tricycle race, which will take place when the show returns.

Jimmy Fallon

Back from break, both Jimmy Fallon and Liam Hemsworth were on giant tricycles. Fallon explained their routes and the rules, and announcer Steve Higgins waved a checkered flag to start the race. Fallon had the early lead. The race ended up being a very close one, but Liam won by a hair. After the race, the Tonight Show went to another commercial break.

When the Tonight Show came back, Jimmy Fallon introduced his second guest of the night, actress Katherine Heigl from State of Affairs. “Our next guest is an Emmy Award winning actress. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome actress Katherine Heigl! You look gorgeous,” she said.

“I’ve got to say, your little dog is backstage. She is the cutest dog,” Fallon said.

The dog’s name is Gertrude. Her tongue hangs out the side of her mouth, because, as Katherine said, “She has no teeth.” She said she has 8 dogs and four cats, among other animals like horses and goats.

“They are fainting goats. If they get scared, they faint. Not a good means of survival,” she told Jimmy. “My dog barked, the goat fainted, and my other dog was dragging it off before my ranch manager stopped him.”

Katherine plays a CIA analyst who works at Langley. It is her job to bring the president a seven-page summation of all of the day’s greatest threats. Fallon showed a clip from State of Affairs. It looked like the show should be a big hit, based on the clip.

When The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon came back from yet another commercial break, Fallon introduced his next guest, comedian Sebastian Maniscalco. Sebastian performed a stand-up routine that was pretty funny. He has a Comedy Central show called Are You Embarrassed?

“Love New York, a lot of Italians out here. I’ve been working since I was eight years old. My father came into the room and said ‘Go start a business.'”

“Nobody’s working in this country, nobody. I’ve never seen anything like it. Everybody’s taking photos of themselves, What are you doing, eating chicken in the bathroom? Writing reviews about restaurants — we don’t have time to be going home and tattling on restaurants.”

He joked about eating at the Chipotle chain of restaurants, and how he liked eating there. “Nobody talks to the Chipotle people. They hear the same stuff 24 hours a day — ‘Steak, sauerkraut, lettuce.'” He joked about how the employees there got yelled at by their bosses all day long. Then, the Tonight Show went to another commercial break.

After the Tonight Show returned, Fallon thanked his guests, and the show was over. It was another great line-up of guests to close out the week with. Liam Hemsworth talked about his upcoming movie, Mockingjay: Part One, and later in the show, he and Fallon raced on giant tricycles. Katherine Heigl promoted her upcoming series, State of Affairs, and comedian Sebastian Maniscalco did a humorous stand-up routine.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Jimmy Fallon and Liam Hemsworth Race Giant Tricycles {Video]

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