Jimmy Fallon Plays ‘Musical Beers’ With Mark Ruffalo and Others [Video]

Jimmy Fallon

On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, It is now just a week before Thanksgiving, but none of Fallon’s guests were “turkeys.” For instance, Jimmy’s first guest of the evening was actor Mark Ruffalo, whose latest movie is Foxcatcher. Also, actor Stephen Merchant, from Hello Ladies: the Movie, was one of Fallon’s guests. Later in the show, they both played Musical Beers with Fallon. The Tonight Show‘s musical guest was Romeo Santos, and the lead singer from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Anthony Kiedis, sat in with the house band, The Roots.

Jimmy Fallon walked out onto the stage and welcomed his audience, who gave him a standing ovation. Then, he proceeded to talk and joke about newsworthy people and events in his nightly monologue. In a somewhat paraphrased form, what follows are some of the jokes.

“Here’s what people are talking about. Earlier tonight, President Obama gave a prime-time speech on immigration reform. They said that the president came of as strong and insightful. Then, they turned from Scandal to the president’s speech.”

“During a hearing yesterday, the acting director of the secret service said that they may make the fence surrounding the White House taller. When asked for another idea, he said ‘Make the sidewalks lower?'” Then, Jimmy Fallon showed one congressman suggesting, apparently seriously, that a moat be built around the White House.

“It’s rumored that Ryan Gosling has rejected the ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ title in the past because he wants to be taken seriously for his work. Chris Hemsworth was chosen the ‘Sexiest Man Alive.'”

“It seems that the news is worse than ever,” Jimmy Fallon said. “We asked real NBC News anchors to tell us only news that makes us feel happy. It’s called ‘Good News vs Good News.” Then, in a periodic comedy bit, news anchors told only good news. It was a pretty funny bit, as usual. After that, the Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers sang as Fallon walked to his desk. Jimmy Fallon talked a little while with Anthony, about his book of portraits of fans around the world, called Fanedemonium.

Jimmy Fallon mentioned to Anthony a time when he met Anthony in a club and was invited to come over and sit at his table. It was a story of when Anthony took off the T-shirt he had on and gave it to Fallon, but the shirt did not fit Jimmy nearly as well. Fallon said it showed his gut and muffin top. Kiedis did not seem to remember the incident at all.

Fallon then introduced his guests. He said that Romeo Santos had the best-selling Latino album currently.

Then, Jimmy Fallon did his weekly hashtag bit, this week called “Thanksgiving Fail.” He said it was a “trending topic within 20 minutes.” Some examples, paraphrased, follow.

“One thanksgiving, my mom dropped the turkey on the floor and whispered to me ‘Tell no one.'”

“One year, when I was six, I sat on the pumpkin pie on the way to Grandma;s. She put Cool-Whip on it and served it anyway.”

“My mom messed up the gravy so much one year people were asking ‘Can I have a slice of gravy?”

“One year, my mom asked me ‘I thought your fat friend Lee was coming with you.’ Lee was sitting right next to me — he’d lost 30 pounds.”

After The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon returned from another commercial break, Jimmy introduced his first guest, actor Mark Ruffalo. “Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome actor Mark Ruffalo!” Jimmy Fallon said. “Great to see you, buddy! Our choice of ‘Sexiest Man Alive,’ right there.”

Fallon talked about when they sat next to each other at the Emmys. He said “We were in the ‘Loser’s Section,’ but we had the best time.” Fallon asked about Mark’s daughter.

“I was sitting with her and coloring at her school and a little boy came up and asked ‘Are you the Hulk?’ I said ‘No–‘ and my daughter said ‘You’re the Hulk, Daddy!’ The boy asked me to turn into the Hulk.” He said he then began acting as if he was turning into the Hulk, and the boy ran away, scared.

Then, Jimmy Fallon and Mark talked about Foxcatcher and asked “Were you guys really wrestling?”

“Yes, we started training about seven months before shooting ever started. It was grueling,” Mark replied.

“You guys got injured during this, didn’t you?”

“Yes,” Mark answered. “Channing and I are very competitive. Neither one of us knows when to stop. He has arms literally as big as my waist. One day, he hit me so hard, it literally felt like a piano fell on me.”

“And there was a moment you slapped Channing?” Fallon asked Mark.

“Yes — I hit his ear accidentally and broke his ear drum. And, Janet Miller yelled ‘Harder!'” Mark said “we are brothers. He’s amazing in the film.” Then, Falon showed a clip from the movie. Steve Carrell did not look like himself, at all — it was a pretty amazing transformation. Fallon said after more commercials, they will play the game Musical Beers.

Jimmy Fallon

When the Tonight Show came back from the break, he, Mark Ruffalo, Stephen Merchant, Tariq “Black Thought” Trotter, Ahmir-Khalib “Questlove” Thompson and announcer Steve Higgins played Musical Beers. The game debuted for the first time. Questlove played music and was the DJ for the game. They had to walk around the round table and wait for the music to stop, then drink a beer. If there was not a beer available, that person would be out of the game. Stephen Merchant was the first one to leave the game.

They walked around the table again, until Questlove stopped playing. Mark and Jimmy fought over a beer, and then they both chugged it at the same time. Then Questlove played again, and Jimmy did not have a beer in front of him. That was basically the end of the game — Fallon and Stephen Merchant were the “losers,” and Tariq and Mark were called the two ‘winners.”

Back from another commercial break, Fallon introduced Stephen Merchant from Hello Ladies: The Movie, opening in theaters this coming Saturday. He wrote for The Office, with Ricky Gervais. “The only thing anyone recognizes me for is the ‘Lip Sync’ nonsense,” he replied, referring to when he did the ‘Lip Sync’ comedy bit with Jimmy Fallon.

“It had 33 million views,” Fallon said. “We are actually doing a Lip Sync Battle on April 2nd,” Fallon said.

Merchant related that the Hello Ladies act originated as a skit and he had done it in several countries around the world now. “I’m a ladies man, as you know,” Merchant said. He was hoping some beautiful woman would be one of the guests; but, no such luck. One of the guests “was a missionary who just recovered from Ebola,'” Merchant said. He did not want to shake the missionary’s hand.

Jimmy Fallon

After yet another commercial break, the Tonight Show‘s host, Jimmy Fallon, introduced the musical guest of the evening. “Our next guest sold out not one, but two, shows at Yankee Stadium!” Jimmy Fallon said. “Please welcome Latin singer, Romeo Santos!” Santos sang Eres Mia from his latest album Formula: Vol. 2, mostly in Spanish — it sounded like a terrific song, and the musicians were great, also.

Probably not very many people in the studio audience knew what he was singing about, but Santos sounded amazing, no matter what language he was singing in, like all great singers do. He did sing the words “And you’ll love me, forever,’ in English a few times. That was the end of the show, other than when Fallon returned after another break and thanked his guests.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon was awesome, with actor Mark Ruffalo from the upcoming movie, Foxcatcher, on talking about the movie and playing Musical Beers with Fallon and his second guest, actor Stephen Merchant. The game was debuted tonight and was hilarious, with Tariq from The Roots, Steve Higgins, and Mark Ruffalo eventually winning. The video for the game is below! The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon closed with a fantastic performance by Latin singer, Romeo Santos.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Jimmy Fallon Plays Musical Beers With Mark Ruffalo and Others

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