Jimmy Fallon Spends Thanksgiving Eve With Christopher Walken

Jimmy Fallon

Wednesday is here, Thanksgiving Eve, and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon had some amazing guests tonight, like Christopher Walken and Nick Jonas. The musical guest on the Tonight Show was one of the hottest singers around, Iggy Azalea! The Tonight Show‘s announcer, Steve Higgins, was hilarious also, as usual, and the show’s house band, The Roots, were terrific.

Jimmy Fallon welcomed his audience. Then, he joked and quipped about famous people and events in the news with his nightly monologue. Some of the jokes follow (as well as the odd quip or two), somewhat paraphrased.

“This is a hot show! Here’s what everyone’s talking about,” Fallon began. “There’s a bit of a scandal here. Billy Joel refused to confirm rumors that President Obama offered him a smoke.”

Continuing, Fallon said “I read that a new elementary school will open up in Texas named after President Bush. The detention center will be named after Dick Cheney.”

“Are you guys ready for Thanksgiving? The traffic reports say ‘Bring empty bottles.’ I don’t know what that means,” he quipped.

“I heard about a new Lifetime series about a group of women thinking about becoming nuns. Or, you could just watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians backwards,” Jimmy Fallon joked.

“Now, it’s time for Tonight Show Superlatives,” Jimmy Fallon said. It is a comedy bit in which Fallon shows photos of NFL football players and say what they were voted Most Likely to be.

“Andy Lee of the San Francisco 49ers was voted Most Likely to wear a barrel for clothes. Starting Quarterback for the Seahawks Russell Wilson was voted Most Likely to say ‘woopsie daisey!’ when he gets naked. Brock Coyle of the Seahawks was voted Most Likely to be Created by Build-a-Bear,” Fallon joked.

“Tomorrow night, Whoopi Goldberg and Rashida Jones will be here, and we might do a medley of holiday theme songs,” Jimmy Fallon said. Then, he mentioned who tonight’s guests were, “the amazing Christopher Walken, Nick Jonas and Iggy Azalea.”

“Guys, everybody in New York City is talking about this giant cruise ship here. We looked through all the stuff we could do –there’s a skydive simulater there. Higgins and I went there to try it out. Here’s what happened,” Fallon said, then showed a clip of what happened. They were both dressed in skintight red outfits at first, then their instructor informed them that was not really how they ought to be dressed. He had them put on more suitable outfits and then he instructed them on what to do.

Jimmy Fallon tried to get a drink from a plastic water bottle first, and Higgins squeezed it as he was drinking. Then, they both made faces, as if they were experiencing G forces — but, they were just using a hair dryer pointed at each other’s faces. The scenes of them experiencing skydiving in the simulater were pretty cool, and when they removed their helmets, their hair was all messed up like toy troll dolls’ hair.

After a commercial break, Jimmy Fallon did the comedy bit with The Roots and audience members called “Freestylin’ With The Roots.” He asked the first audience member what here favorite Thanksgiving food was — she said “sweet potatoes,” and added that they were “mashed.” The Roots did a song about her to the music of Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off, with changed lyrics — their version was Work It Off.

The next audience member Fallon chose was Kwabi. Fallon asked “What is your favorite Macy Day balloon?” Kwabi said “Snoopy.” Fallon then asked him “What balloon is missing from the parade?”

“I’d have to say a Will Smith Fresh Prince of Bel-Air balloon,” Kwabi answered.

Then The Roots did a song about Kwabi and the balloons he likes to the tune of a Jackson 5 song. It was amazing! The Roots and bandleader, Questlove, are very quick on their feet when it comes to thinking up cool alternative lyrics to hit songs. The Tonight Show then went to another commercial break.

“Please welcome the great actor, Christopher Walken, everybody!” Jimmy Fallon said

“You told me you used to work in this building as a child actor, right?” Fallon asked.

“I remember this building well. I went to school they had set up here, also. Howdy Dowdy was upstairs. They had Mr. Peanut, and a pack of cigarettes with chorus girl legs, and J. Fred Muggs, a chimpanzee. He had his own motorcycle, and he drove it up and down the halls. This building had brass door knobs It was built to last,” Christopher Walken answered him.

“We did research, and you worked with Jerry Lewis in this building,” Fallon said.”How old were you?”


“We have a clip of you with Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis at an amusement park,” Jimmy Fallon said. It was pretty funny, in black-and-white.

“I haven’t changed one bit,” Walken said.

“Are you excited about this?” Jimmy Falon asked him, referring to appearing as Captain Hook in the NBC live musical, Peter Pan Live! on Thursday, December 4.

“Oh, yeah. Definitely,” Walken said. He told Fallon he was kind of scared about it, because it was live. He said he “does singing and dancing in it.”

“Do you sing together with Allison Williams?” Fallon asked, and Christopher Walken answered “Yes.”

“Do you dance together?” Fallon also asked, and the answer was another “Yes.”

Jimmy Fallon

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon went to another commercial break, and when it came back, Fallon introduced the show’s second guest, singer Nick Jonas. Jonas has a big hit currently, with the song Jealous heating up the airwaves.

“Thank you for coming back on my show!” Fallon said. They talked about the alst time Jonas was on, when they played Pyramid. Fallon said “You were awful,” referring to when he could not come up with the clue “Gangster Movies.” So, Jimmy Fallon gave him a collection of gangster movies.

Fallon, messing with him, said that his novlety song with will.i.am., Ew!, debuted the same week that Jealous did. Fallon’s Ew! was higher than Jealous, at the time, at number 20.

“What spot are you now?” Falon asked.

“The song’s at number 10,” Nick said.

“I have the Billboard chart here, and Ew!‘s now at number one,” Fallon said, showing him the chart. It was, of course, a fake one, but it was kind of funny to see Nick’s expression.

Nick Jonas talked about a TV series he is in, Kingdom, in which he plays a mixed martial artist. “Congratulations on your hit songs,” Fallon said, sounding more respectful, suddenly.

Nick talked about training for the role, and the “physicality” of it. It sounded like an interesting TV series. Then, Jimmy Fallon said Iggy Azalea would be on next on the Tonight Show, after more commercials.

Jimmy Fallon

“Our next guest just re-issued Reclassified. She will be singing Beg for It. Ladies and gentlemen, Iggy Azalea!”

Iggy sounded terrific! The Roots played as she sang and rapped. She is pretty good and fast at rapping. There was some cool choreography in the number, and as she finished singing, the audience wildly applauded. Beg for It just might become her next huge hit!

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon was a great Thanksgiving Eve episode. Christopher Walken was Jimmy’s first guest, and he will be in Peter Pan Live! a week from Thanksgiving day, on Thursday, December 4, 2014. Then, Nick Jonas continued the fun, talking about his song Jealous and his new TV series, Kingdom. Closing out the fantastic evening was Iggy Azalea, singing Beg for It. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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