Jimmy Kimmel Mean Tweets: Back and Viral



ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel knows what people like and he has brought back those celebrity mean tweets and it should come as no surprise that the video uploaded on November 20, 2014 – a mere two days ago – has gone insanely viral. With over 10 million views, and rising this latest group of performers run the gamut from A listers to “not-so” A listers. Hollywood comedy legend Bob Newhart, Chloe Grace Moretz and Gwyneth Paltrow were among the celebrities who read their nasty tweets out loud and it has to be said, that despite some pretty hurtful comments, this segment is still wildly popular and painfully funny.

Some of the tweets had the readers in stitches. Britney Spears broke up midway through her reading, cracking up at the “quit forcing your suckage on me you tired hag.” Geena Davis played it straight but with a little eye thing which got a good laugh, her tweet actually seems like a sort of odd compliment. Lisa Kudrow really got a kick out of hers which wished everyone a great weekend except for her. These tweets were not too harsh and this trio proved who was not afraid to laugh at themselves which is really what this whole thing is about.

Poor Gwyneth actually looked upset at her mean Twitter remark and the audience actually gave the Iron Man star a sympathetic “Ah,” in response to her apparent upset. Lena Dunham was another celebrity who was not too pleased with the tweet that compared her breasts to “dog’s noses.” Another performer who had part of their anatomy dissed via Twitter was Full House star John Stamos whose belly button was described as being very gross. Stamos then lifted his shirt up and looking down at his navel, nodded and agreed, with the tweeter. Jimmy Kimmel and his mean tweets are back, viral and funnier than ever and hopefully here to stay.

In keeping with the John Stamos “matter-of-fact” approach to his mean tweet, Scottish actor Gerard Butler read his nasty Twitter post, which asked if he had to repay a student loan as that had to be the reason he makes all those sh*t films. Grinning and shaking his head the 300 star said that no, he did not have a student loan, he just made lots of sh*t films. Bob Newhart read his Twitter insult with that deadpan delivery that made him a comic legend, “how old is Bob Newhart now, 120?” Michael Chiklis did not looked amused at being described as looking like a bit of male genitalia and Scot Foley, who read his just prior to Chiklis, found the fact that he was TV poison and had “raper” eyes very funny. These tweets were not quite as blunt as some being read out.

The best reaction had to be from Chloe Grace Moretz, “or whatever her name is” to the tweeter who maintained that the Carrie actress looked like the mean Twitter user’s a**hole. Showing the kind of delivery that made Newhart famous, the If I Stay star looked directly at the camera and said, “you must have a really bleached out a**hole.” Chris Pratt read his very short mean tweet on Jimmy Kimmel live, it was “F**k you, Chris Pratt,” and he gave a little smile and went “Aw.” The reading of nasty comments on social media is back and viral. Bryan Cranston gets the last word on the video when he tells the tweeter he is “coming” after him. This insanely viral video can be watched below and be advised that these mean tweets are given special meaning when read by the celebs that they are aimed at. Enjoy.

By Michael Smith



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