Justin Bieber Taking Steps to Control Anger?

Justin Bieber

Is Justin Bieber taking steps to control his anger? That is something he has claimed, after paying his formed neighbor $80,900. The compensation covers the damage he caused at the start of the year during the egg-throwing incident.

The Canadian singer was convicted of misdemeanor vandalism over the incident, after pleading guilty no contest to the charges. He was advised this would be the best way to avoid a felony, which would have carried a much more severe penalty.

As well as the cost to cover the damages, Bieber had to complete community service and anger management hours. So far, he has completed half of the 12 anger management sessions that he needed to. He has also completed some of the six days of community labor the judge ordered.

It seems like the Boyfriend singer may be learning from these expensive mistakes. He has barely been in the news lately, after a number of run-ins with the law. TMZ reports that he was even at bible studying sessions over the weekend. Could it be that Selena Gomez’s positive behavior is finally rubbing off onto him rather than the other way around?

The egg-throwing incident in January took place at the singer’s former Calabasas home. He later sold the home to Khloe Kardashian, and decided to start anew elsewhere. While his neighbor would have been happy, considering he had run-ins with the boy in the past, it did not solve the damage caused. There was an estimated $20,000 worth of damage at first, which was enough to mean a felony conviction. In the end it was over $80,000 worth of damage.

Bieber’s attorney appeared in court to tell prosecutors that the singer was taking steps to control his anger. Shawn Holley expects the classes and community service to be completed by February 10 next year, presumably due to tour dates and other commitments. He will remain on probation until 2016 for the incident, something that Bieber previously wanted to avoid due to his preference for drugs.

The 20-year-old must also stay away from his former neighbor. That should not be an issue considering he no longer lives in the area. It could be a true sign that his anger issues are under control if he does not drive by his old house just to irritate the man. The move was also a positive thing for other neighbors, who regularly complained about his loud parties and drag racing on the street.

While the singer has paid the $80,900 for damages, there are other costs for his incident. He is currently in the middle of paying those costs according to the appearance from Holley.

It certainly seems like the boy is becoming a man. This may have been just what he needed to realize that he cannot go about flouting the law. There are consequences to his actions, and he is paying for his in time and money. Taking steps to control his anger may also be just what Bieber needed to help realize just how much damage it is really doing.

By Alexandria Ingham



The L.A. Times


Photo by Adam Sundana

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