Katherine Heigl Discusses Shonda Rhimes Feud

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Katherine Heigl

After years of silence, Katherine Heigl has opened up about the apparent feud with Shonda Rhimes. She had previously said that there was no feud, and she was not a difficult actress, but that does not seem to be what Rhimes believes.

The Knocked Up actress left Grey’s Anatomy during the sixth season. It was mid-contract, but she managed to get around it. She did eventually come back for another episode, but left again and has only been mentioned since. Many wondered just why it happened.

Rhimes told The Hollywood Reporter that she was difficult on Grey’s Anatomy, and now Heigl has opened up about those remarks. She told Extra’s Mario Lopez that she was sorry Rhimes felt “that way.” However, never apologized for any actions that she may have done on the set. She does wish that she could change the showrunner’s thoughts of her, though, and said it maybe something she can do in the future. For now, Rhimes will have to settle with this apology.

The Grey’s Anatomy showrunner has also created another ABC hit, Scandal. During an interview about that, the truth about the set of the medical drama came out. Rhimes hit out at the actress saying there are “no Heigls on the set.

She is not the first person to accuse the Life as We Know It actress as difficult. This has come from numerous people who have worked with her, and many say that she is rude. She talked about that recently, saying that it was never something she did on purpose. However, Heigl only recently discussed her alleged feud with Rhimes.

There does not seem to be much of a feud on her part. She does not have anything negative to say about her former boss, and can only apologize for the opinion that Rhimes was left with.

Heigl was in the interview to talk about her new show State of Affairs, which she is also a producer on. She has not discussed many relationships on the set, and so far there are no negative remarks from those who work with her. However, it certainly seems like family comes first for the mother of two. She chose a shorter 13-episode season over a 22- to 24-episode one, so that she could have more time at home with her daughters.

It was during a question and answer session on Facebook about State of Affairs that discussions of her negative behavior came up. She said that it was uncomfortable to think that people viewed her as rude and difficult to work with. While she admitted to mistakes, she has never purposely carelessly spoken to somebody. She wants to right her wrongs, but she will not let people walk all over her.

It seems like the show has also allowed her to show off what mean and rude really looks like. She plays a very unlikeable character on the show, despite being the show’s protagonist. It is politics, after all. However, it may not quite be the same as the alleged attitude Heigl had during the supposed feud with Rhimes that she has recently discussed.

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