Kendrick Lamar Speaks on New Album [Video]


It has been some time since we heard some new news from Top Dawg Entertainment’s prolific lyricist. Kendrick Lamar. This week, the Good Kid, M.a.a.d city rapper stopped by Hot 97 to speak about his upcoming sophomore release, text from Macklemore, latest single i, and much more. Giving fans just what they want to hear and creating a buzz for his future project, the shaggy artist did not hold back from speaking candidly with host Ebro. It is clear that Lamar is working hard in the studio to deliver a project that will exceed expectations for listeners.

Kendrick Lamar’s sophomore release is easily one of the most anticipated projects of this decade in hip-hop. Exploding onto the scene with the release of an iconic debut, Lamar’s talent for tough lyrics, raw emotion, and catchy hooks, easily made him one of the most recognizable and praised newcomers in rap. Considering that west coast producer and hit-maker Dr. Dre took him under his wing was no surprise. The collaboration between the two birthed some of the best hits of the past few years. With Dre’s tutelage and Lamar’s talent for dropping some of the most passionate and well-wrtitten rhymes in mainstream hip-hop, his rise to fame was well deserved and welcomed by fans across the globe. It came as no surprise that the west coast spitter received a slew of award nominations, including a Grammy-nomination for Best New Artist in 2014.

Although Lamar’s success came quick, he ended up getting snubbed by the Grammy-committee for Macklemore. Remaining positive and humble, he did not show any hurt feelings to losing to the Thrift Shop rapper. During the interview with “Old Man” Ebro, Kendrick discussed Macklemore’s apologetic text after the event of that night. Claiming that sending out the text to the blogs and the world was “uncalled for,” Lamar did not show any hate towards the singer and knew where his heart was coming from. Kendrick also remained un-phased by the loss and stated that it is not a confirmation of success for him.

Continuing speaking candidly with the morning show crew of Hot 97, Lamar also touched upon his upcoming untitled follow-up album. He mentioned that he is still working with Dre, Pharrell Williams, and keeping the team mostly in-house with familiar producers. The sound of the album is set to be a little different-more raw with a heavier set of drum work and dirtier. K-Dot also gave praise to his fellow label mate Schoolboy Q for his rise to the top of the charts and is proud that the west coast also went from the streets to making hits.

After listening to the interview, it is easy to understand why K-Dot is still one of the most praised emcees in hip-hop at the moment. Lamar continues to remain humble while reassuring fans that he is continuing to keep the inspiration alive for real hip-hop fans. Kendrick’s dedication to his craft and his grind on the next project shows in his latest scruffy appearance. Claiming that he may look a little rough because he has been in the studio, just lets fans know that some new greatness will soon hit their ears. Although serious about his work ethic, Lamar still has time to joke around with the morning show crew as he speaks on his friendship with Lady Gaga and avoiding social media.

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