Khloe Kardashian’s Family Advise Her to Dump French Montana ASAP

Khloe Kardashian’s family has reportedly advised her to dump on-again-off-again boyfriend French Montana as soon as possible, informing her of their belief that he is a cheater and absolutely no good for her. The group sat down with her this past Wednesday night to express their feelings regarding the pair’s relationship, and to give details as to why they believed the rapper has been unfaithful to her.

The family is reportedly of the belief that said infidelity took place while French was in Dubai for a recent trip, where they say he was having relations with an extremely attractive woman behind the 30-year-old’s back. They also are certain that the Morocco native did his best to use her sister Kim as a coverup for his actions, going out of his way to make it look like he was spending time with her while actually sneaking off to see his secret woman. He allegedly pulled this off to begin with, making sure to snap photos with Kim whenever he could and informing Kardashian that he was simply making an effort to get to know her family members better, and that was how he was spending his trip. Even though Kim was indeed in Dubai at the same time as French, his story reportedly fell apart when Mrs. Kanye West returned home and informed Kardashian that her contact with her boyfriend had been slim to none during her stay in the UAE city. Kim reported that she had only been in the same company as the rapper for a few short minutes here and there, and that his claims that the pair were together on a regular basis were simply untrue.

The Kardashian clan are not the only ones who believe that Khloe is wasting her time with French Montana, and that his only goal in the relationship is to use her while seeing other partners on the side. Fans of the reality television actress have been extremely outspoken regarding their feelings on the union via various social media platforms, namely Twitter. They believe the California native can do much better in terms of companionship, and that her connection with French should never have gone past the possible rebound from husband Lamar Odom that it seemed to be in the beginning. The rapper himself has not done a very good job at disputing these allegations, seemingly going out of his way to admit that he is not afraid to capitalize on his girlfriend’s fame. Just a few days ago, he was interviewed making his way through LAX and made his intentions clear surrounding the financial situation if he and Kardashian ever tie the knot. He insisted that he would in no way sign any kind of prenuptial agreement, because that way he could ensure he received half of her fortune if and when the pair ended up divorcing.

It remains to be seen whether Khloe Kardashian will heed her family’s warnings and end her relationship with French Montana sooner rather than later. For now, however, the pair are seemingly still together and going strong.

By Rebecca Grace

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