Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick to Break up for Good?

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick may be on the outs yet again, but perhaps for good this time. At least, that is how fans of the couple are perceiving a rather cryptic Instagram post the former posted this past Friday.

The post in question contained a composite photograph of the title characters from the hit 2002 Disney film Lilo & Stitch, with one of the movie’s most iconic lines attached to the image. The caption contained Lilo’s expression of the fact that if Stitch wanted to leave the home, she would understand. This statement was followed up by her informing the creature that it would always be remembered by her, as was everyone else who had exited her life before. Almost immediately after the edited image was shared, Kardashian’s fans were scrambling to get some kind of confirmation from the reality television star had not separated from her partner of seven years, something they were especially concerned about seeing as how the 35-year-old is due to have the couple’s third child within the next month.

The already tumultuous relationship between Kardashian and Disick is said to have come to a head during this past summer, when the two became involved in multiple conflicts while staying in the Hamptons in order to shoot footage for the KUWTK spin-off series Kourtney & Khloe Take the Hamptons. Disick’s problems with drinking hit an all-time high after he was hospitalized for alcohol poisoning, following a night of reportedly hitting on a waitress at a Hamptons bar while extremely intoxicated. This event occurred after months of intense fighting and more than one eviction from the family home at Kardashian’s hands, most significantly when the man refused to stop making a spectacle of himself while partying in New York. The mother of two has demanded on more than one occasion that her boyfriend tone down his wild ways and perhaps take a step back from the nightlife scene for the time being, something he has refused to do and instead puts the label of being controlling and limiting on her. Following the aforementioned hospitalization, Kardashian is said to have given Disick the ultimatum for good; either quit drinking and partying, or leave the family’s life permanently.

This ultimatum is said to be extremely difficult for her partner to take into consideration, however, both due to his dependency on alcohol as well as what he needs to do to supplement the family’s income. Disick brings in earnings by doing various nightclub and bar appearances for whatever events may request his presence, something that is very much in demand due to his connection to the Kardashian empire. This constant requirement to be in bars and subsequently find himself drinking is also something that has struck a nerve with his long-term girlfriend, as was displayed during a recent episode of KUWTK. Kardashian made the comment that it was slightly ironic that someone who could not handle their drinking made a living off appearing at clubs and initiating exactly that situation, a quip that Disick scoffed at and brushed off almost instantly, bragging that he got paid to “chill”. She fought back at this comment, instead expressing her view that he got paid to get wasted and end up throwing up all night.

It remains to be seen whether Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick will make it through their latest rough patch before the arrival of their third child, or whether her recent Instagram post was a sign that they are through for good this time. Disick, however, has recently given the statement that he is extremely excited for the birth of their next newborn.

By Rebecca Grace

Mail Online
Us Weekly
Photo by Steve Hall – Flickr License

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