Legend of Korra Reunion (Review/Recap)

Legend of Korra

Like the Turkey stuffing on Thanksgiving, this week’s Legend of Korra was a nice filler to prepare fans for the main course/showdow next week. Reunion brought together some of the members of team avatar and gave viewers plenty of lava bending that they have been missing all season. It had action, suspense, and even some comedy. However, similar to any filler, Reunion was not enough to satisfy a fan’s appetite but just made those hungry for more.

This week’s episode picked up right where Legend of Korra left off. The defeated protagonist returned back to safe haven with Tenzin and family in Republic city. Part of the team was back together and the long-awaited reunion was just what Korra needed after her choke moment on the battelfield. Surrounded by familiar faces, it was a nice moment to see the group back together and that the love was still there. Korra, Mako, Asami and an uninvited Wu took the time to catch up over a nice meal. It soon became more awkward than sweet once Mako discovered that Korra has been ignoring all, except Asami. Their tiff was cut short once the once-and-future-king Wu was kidnapped during his bathroom trip.

Legend of KorraSetting personal feelings aside, the team was back in action to rescue the prince! Uniting like old times, the three utilized their skills to track the prince down and stop Kuvira’s men from taking him to the “great dictator.” Korra even showed off a new talent and honing skill by connecting spiritually with a spirit vine. It seemed as though her time with master Toph gave her some new avatar skills. It seems that the team had not missed a beat when it comes to helping others and working together. There were definitely some funny moments and Wu is growing to be a refreshing comic relief for Legend of Korra and an interesting member of team avatar.

Legend of Korra‘s resident comic relief Bolin took on more of the leadership/action-hero role this week and gave some of the highlights of the episode. After faking a suicide in the runaway train last week, the dynamic duo Varrick and Bolin are making their way through the Earth empire to make it safer territory. A short battle took place as they ran into some escapees from Kuvira’s camp who were confused on their allegiance because of their attire. After a brief battle that was stopped with some handy lava bending, the group decided to work together to make it out past Kuvira’s watch guards and out of her nationwide territory.

Since Bolin and Varrick were dressed in Kuvira’s military uniforms still, they decided to just try and walk right past the guards. A simple and easy plan in theory, but considering that Kuvira is the control freak that she is, the guards were already alerted of the two with a “wanted” poster. Word traveled fast around the Earth empire and Varrick and Bolin, though thought to be dead, were still public enemies number one. Once spotted, the rouse was up and a fight quickly broke out. A fight that seemed to trump the car chase earlier in the episode. Plenty of water bending, earth bending, giant robots, fire bending, giant robots, and lava bending. Just when the resistance fleet was going to lose to Kuvira’s forces, Varrick proved his worth and made the quickest and most effective EMP to stop the robot-armored guards. Easily one of the best parts of Legend of Korra: The Reunion.

Legend of KorraIt was a matter of time before we got to see more than one liners and scenes of Varrick reminiscing about Zhu Li during Legend of Korra. Though the two deserved their own sitcom, they were the highlight of the The Reunion. Sadly enough that seems to be the recurring problem of Legend of Korra-the side characters and stories are more interesting than the main protagonists own personal journey. This episode was a solid foundation for the upcoming showdown that is bound to take place between Toph and Kuvira’s army as she marches into the swamp to take down more spirit vines for her spirit nuke weapons.

Opinion By Tyler Cole





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