Lindsay Lohan and Brother Being Sued for $60 Million


Lindsay Lohan and her brother Michael Jr. are being sued $60 million. They have received a court order that has instructed them to halt working on their fashion app known as Vigme. This comes after an ex-business partner alleges that the pair stole his idea. So he is now suing them because of it, reports several different news media sources.

A Manhattan Supreme Court Judge handed out a short-term restraining order Friday. It stated the siblings were prohibited from debuting, endorsing or advertising what they termed their “virtual closet” app. They also cannot look for any  investors for the site until there is a hearing held Nov. 20. The directive came after Fima Potik alleged that Michael Lohan Jr. and his famed sister took Potik’s professional secrets from his own online shopping business called Spotted Friend to begin their own opposing company.

The Lohan brother and sister, together with Michael’s friend Chris Roth, met up with Potik back in 2013. At that time, they became equal partners of Spotted Friend, and Potik supplied them with a start-up version of the app, along with various marketing tools. The app allowed users to look through famous personalities’ and also friends’ simulated closets, and then be able to buy the clothing items they so wanted.

It was several months later when Potik discovered from several different news media sites that the Lohan siblings had went ahead and started the social business Web site known as Vigme. He claimed it was a practical clone of his own app. He declared that Vigmes mobile application was almost a complete duplicate in the way it was laid out and designed when compared to his own app.

Potik decided to hire major power attorneys Marc Kasowitz and Kenneth David.. David declared that the Lohan siblings’ stealing of the scheme, design and function of the Spotted Friend’s application was in flagrant disintegration of their pledged duties. This substantial victory will aid in helping to make sure that Lindsay Lohan and Michael Lohan Jr. will not receive any revenue from their dishonest behavior at the Spotted Friend app’s expense.

However, the Lohan family is fighting back. Their lawyer, Ravi Batra, spoke to several different news media sources and explained that the restraining order was only something that was there to preserve the status quo until Michael Jr. and Lindsay Lohan were able to file their own papers in court. Those forms back up the allegation that Potik is an incompetent thief who deceitfully encouraged Lindsay, Michael and Christopher to join up with him under false exemplifications.

He exclaimed that he would have an app that recognized products created by June 2013. This is something the man still has not produced, added Attorney Batra. He declared that Fima’s days of being some sort of a leech off of celebrities was finally over with once and for all. Everything depends on what happens with the $60 million dollar suit Potik has against the Lohan siblings.

By Kimberly Ruble


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