South Africa No Place for the Minority Group

South Africa

There is no place for the minority group of Afrikaners in South Africa. Over the past twenty years, the cultural and Afrikaner rights have been suppressed. Political isolation and the violent attacks against farmers in particular cause evidence of the diminishing rights of this minority group.

South Africa is a diverse country with over 11 official languages and defined as a rainbow nation. There is nothing more or nothing less than defining the nation along racial lines. Racial classification is experienced, and diversity is ignored. The promotion of minorities and rights for Afrikaners remains an inconvenient truth.

The majority of Africans believe that Africa is the home of Africans and not of white settlers. Afrikaners are not considered an African tribe. The indigenous African people believe that any white has never been denied the right of self-determination and oppression. It is an aim that the white settlers were never invited to South Africa and the rest of the African continent. The settlement of whites has caused this group of people to become a minority in the new South Africa.

It is another belief that the majority of white settlers in South Africa were a direct cause of the overcrowding, political intolerances, religious and economic reasons that drove the settlers to the African continent. The indigenous people believe with the white settlers came the dreaded same conditions that drove them away from original countries.

Many Afrikaners want a separate state within South Africa. The minority group wants a state where self-determination and the right to practice cultural rights without the continuous crime and discrimination. There is the conviction that Afrikaners are dominant and have exclusive rights to choose any area within South Africa. The majority proclaim the right of Afrikaners to continue exercising hatred toward Africans remains unchallenged.

The majority believe that South Africa is a country where all have rights to live free of racism. The issue of tribalism is no longer an issue as racism remains the greater practiced. Living alongside the diverse cultures is indeed a challenge. There is no freedom from racism, and this will forever remain problematic within the Rainbow Nation.

Every functioning democracy needs a balance between left and right and perhaps the idea of a separate state for the minority is not a recognized solution. More importantly is the protection of different cultures and the rights of minority groups. Without support, it is easy for the majority to bully the minority groups.

Racism works equally well on both the left and right side. It is the promotion of rights and protection of cultures of the minority groups that needs to be applied. The government supports unity and integration.

Several groups are convinced that not only Afrikaners but also English speaking white people are targets of discrimination. The black economic empowerment and employment equity laws implemented have detrimental effects on young white South Africans seeking employment. It is a belief that the laws the current government of South Africa have implemented drive people to emigrate.

The post-apartheid democracy of South Africa does threaten the rights of Afrikaners both economically and culturally. The vast decline of decent living standards among whites, coupled with a high crime targets against the minority give rise for self-determination. The racial discrimination and segregation continue throughout the land and cultural activities remain tainted by race.

Opinion by Laura Oneale

Mail and Guardian

3 Responses to "South Africa No Place for the Minority Group"

  1. Bob   January 20, 2015 at 8:27 am

    Bringing back apartheid or creating a white-only nation in South Africa is the only way to save the the whites. Blacks are savages that will stop at nothing to destroy the white race in Africa.

  2. Chris   January 17, 2015 at 3:31 am

    Interesting to see that minority groups are always showing as racist or supremacist , judging by the above image of a right wing extremist group in South Africa .

  3. Russell Fig   November 3, 2014 at 11:56 am

    Nelson Mandela preached reconciliation so whites shoud be grateful for that. If De klerk and Mandela had not negotiayted a new dispensation for South Africa there coud have been civil war.

    The AA and BEE Laws need to to be reviewed because they are unfair at least on the serface.

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