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Love and Hip-Hop star Masika Kalysha received some negative publicity on a billboard ad in the valley of Los Angeles this past week. Well-known in the west coast for her roles in music videos and modeling, the ad was not exactly the most flattering. It seems that she was punked/pranked by an unknown assailant as her mugshot was placed all over the billboard. Displaying the criminal past Masika had at the age of 18 and airing out her dirty laundry for the world to see, Kalysha took to Twitter to explain the public spectacle. Titled “T.H.O.T (that hoe over there) with a mugshot, the ad displayed an old picture of the video vixen from her younger years as a delinquent.

Love and Hip-Hop

Very little is known about culprit that planted the embarrassing ad, but fellow castmates Nikki Mudarris and aspiring female rapper Hazel-E are prime suspects in Kalysha’s eyes. The billboard was first brought to her attention via Twitter. Hazel-E tweeted and congratulated Kalysha for the embarrassing photo on Burbank. Considering that Kalysha is currently dating Hazel-E’s former boyfriend and producer Yung Berg, who also stars on Love and Hip-Hop, there would be plenty of motive for Hazel-E to embarrass the young starlet in retaliation. The two have been at odds ever since the gossip surfaced of Masika and Berg’s relationship.

Fellow cast-mate Nikki Mudarris could also be the one to blame for the posting. As played out on VH1’s Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood, Mudarris came in contact with Kalysha on several occasions. Not only does Kalysha work for Mudarris’ family business of high-profile strip clubs, but the two allegedly were being played by the same man. Those that watch the show may know that the two casts-mates are the farthest thing from friends. The two got into a physical and verbal altercation and have spent plenty of air time taking jabs at each other over the confusion of their relationship with rapper/producer Mally Mal. Unaware that both were being played by the hit-making artist at the time, the two have yet to reconcile their differences.

Masika Kalysha took to Twitter to further explain herself and point the fingers at her other Love and Hip-Hop members. Taking ownership of the mugshot incident, Kalysha further explained that she was young at the time and made mistakes. She went on to state that she was working three jobs at the time and made a name for herself from humble beginnings. Towards the end of Twitter rant, Kalysha further thanked Mudarris and Hazel-E for their hate and free publicity. Referring to the two ladies as “bullies” and “low-lifes.” In an attempt to appear classy, Kalysha went as far as to ask her fans to pray for her Love and Hip-Hop casts-mates. The two both deny having anything to do with the embarrassing billboard ad.

Whether a publicity stunt to boost ratings for the Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood show or just to poke fun at Kalysha, the image is definitely a cringe-worthy moment for the video vixen. It is never a flattering moment to have your past aired to the public eye and in such a rude fashion. Though Kalysha is taking the supposed high road, she still manages to upload plenty happy pictures of her and her new lover Yung Berg on social media.

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