Massachusetts Knife Point Robbery Suspect Arrested


In Blackstone, Massachusetts, a suspect in a recent armed robbery by knife point was arrested on Saturday night. Blackstone police arrested the man after he allegedly robbed the Blackstone Smoke Shop on Main Street brandishing a knife.

Frederick Hoyt, 34, of Woonsocket, Massachusetts was arrested by the police in connection with the armed robbery of the Blackstone Smoke Shop. Police investigating the robbery said that Hoyt robbed the store armed with a knife. They added that he demanded the cashier to hand over all of the money to him, and he left the scene with an unknown amount of money.

Bellingham police apprehended Hoyt on Wednesday night. The police there suspect that he robbed a convenience store located in Bellingham.

Frederick Hoyt was arrested by the Blackstone, Massachusetts police after they determined that he was the person who allegedly robbed the Blackstone Smoke Shop at knife point. Further details will follow in updates as they become known.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Photo by Mark Sardella – Flickr License

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