Matt Damon Will Be Jason Bourne Again

Matt Damon

Matt Damon has confirmed that he will be Jason Borne again, reprising his role as the CIA agent who specialized in assassination in an upcoming 2016 movie, according to People and other sources. Though Damon has stated that the third movie “felt like such a good way to end it,” the story of Jason Bourne will continue on.

It seems all that Matt Damon, 44, was really waiting for was the return of director Paul Greengrass. As Damon stated to Entertainment Weekly about Paul Greengrass directing the upcoming Bourne movie, “I just needed him to say yes.”

Ben Affleck, 42, a long-time friend of Damon’s who is playing Batman in the upcoming movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, has joked about Damon reprising his role as Jason Bourne. He told E! News that Matt Damon will be doing a new Jason Bourne movie “when I’ve just completely lost any semblance of physical fitness.”

Though Matt Damon played Jason Bourne in the first, second, and third Bourne flicks, he was not in the fourth one, The Bourne Legacy, released in 2012. Paul Greengrass directed the second and third Bourne movies, The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum, but not the fourth one.

Matt Damon had never completely ruled out reprising his role as Jason Bourne, the CIA operative who had amnesia in the original 2002 movie The Bourne Identity, which was directed by Doug Liman. Bourne had somehow not lost his unique skills, like being an expert in martial arts, when he lost his other memories. As his memories gradually returned, he proved to be a very formidable force, foiling the attempts of those sent to kill him.

Damon was just waiting for Paul Greengrass to come back and direct before he decided to continue playing the enigmatic Jason Bourne. The movie will not be hitting theaters until 2016, though, so fans of the Bourne flicks still have some time to wait and anticipate what the new movie will be like and where it will fit into the Bourne saga.

Matt Damon has stated that “I love that character and I’d love to see what happened to him.” Damon is not the only one, as the first three Bourne movies have a major fan following around the world. The fourth one, while not bad, just did not feel the same, and did not succeed quite as well at the box office.

While The Bourne Legacy debuted in the number one spot, and both it and The Campaign knocked The Dark Knight Rises down to third place after the Batman movie held the number one spot for a month, its debut weekend box office take was just over $40 million. In comparison with the other Bourne movie, it earned more than the first one, The Bourne Identity, when it debuted with a $27 million take. However, the second one, The Bourne Supremacy, earned in its debut weekend $52 million and the third one, The Bourne Ultimatum, grossed $69 million its first weekend out.

Jeremy Renner starred in The Bourne Legacy, though not as Jason Bourne, Rather, he played an entirely new character, who lived in the same sort of world that had been established in the previous three Bourne movies. Renner did a great job, and it helped to establish him as one of today’s hottest actors, but he did not have the same sort of box office drawing power, at the time, as Matt Damon.

Matt Damon will be reprising his role as Jason Bourne in an upcoming movie, which is good news to fans of the Bourne franchise and of Matt Damon. The bad news is that they will have to wait until 2016 for the movie to come out. Will the franchise still have the same sort of box office power then as the first three movies did? While there will likely be some tough competition to contend with, like superhero movies, the Bourne franchise has a strong following, so anything could happen.

Written By Douglas Cobb

People Magazine
Entertainment Weekly
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