Mexico City Protesters Set National Palace Door on Fire


Protesters in Mexico City briefly set the door to Mexico City’s National Palace on fire during a demonstration there. The demonstration was organized to protest the alleged massacre of 43 students. The entire country was angered by the news of the massacre.

After slamming metal barricades against the palace door, the protesters were successful in briefly setting the door on fire. However, they were unable to gain entrance to the palace, which seemed to be their goal. Mexico City’s National Palace is primarily used during ceremonial occasions by President Enrique Pena Nieto.

Reportedly, the protesters were motivated by the news that police who are linked to gangs are behind the apparent massacre of the 43 students. The attack allegedly occurred on September 26 in the southern state of Guerrero. Six people were left dead and 43 were unaccounted for and missing. After killing the 43 students, reportedly gang suspects dumped their burned and charcoaled remains into a river, according to a report by Yahoo News.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Yahoo! News
Photo by Scutter – Flickr License

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