Murder Mystery of Dewani


A Swedish-Indian woman, Anni Ninna Dewani’s murder is still a mystery. The family marks the fourth death anniversary of Anni Dewani on Nov 13th, 2014. The newlywed couple was on their way to a honeymoon in Cape Town when they were attacked and Anni was killed with a single gunshot around her neck area.

As the evidence appears, the husband was found to have plotted a murder plan for his newly wedded wife. When the couple went off to their honeymoon to Cape Town, South Africa, they were driven to see the town with the taxi driver named Zola Tongo. After having dinner at a restaurant, the taxi was hijacked by two armed men who expelled the driver out of the car. According to Shrien, the husband of Anni, the kidnappers threw him out of the car and when he contacted the police, the police helicopter spotted the taxi with Anni’s beaten body. Her precious belongings were also found missing.

Zola Tongo is the key witness of the murder mystery case of Anni Diwani and is serving 18 years in prison for his part in the plotted crime. He claims Shrien Dewani ordered the murder of his wife in order to get rid of her and offered him a huge amount of money in exchange. This was a contract killing and, according to the prosecution, Shrien’s secret gay relationships were the main motivation behind his contracted murder.

The two alleged taxi hijackers are also behind bars. Mziwamadoda Qwabe plead guilty and is serving 25 years. Xolile Mngeni was also serving life imprisonment, but died in jail due to illness. During the trial, Tongo reportedly confessed and told the court that Shrien recruited him to arrange Anni’s killing and plotted a fake hijacking cover with the help of the two middlemen.

Today, the family of Anni Diwani is pleading Shrien Dewani to answer the allegations against him in the witness stand. The trial has been held at Cape Town high court. They want justice and a fair trial for their daughter. They want to hear the truth and want Shrien to go into the witness box and tell what had happened.

Shrein, on the other hand had filed an application that would clear him of all the charges against him. Shrien’s barrister said that a non-guilty verdict will be issued to him and that will clean his way to return to England very soon. A written statement will be submitted in favor of lack of evidence against Shrein Dewani.

In response to many arguments against Shrien’s case to be cleared off all charges, he was repeatedly charged of giving false answers to questions and changing his statements many times. He was also reported to be housed in a special section of a public mental health hospital where he has been treated for post-traumatic stress disorder that he had suffered, due to attack.

Judge Traverso stated that at this stage of the case, the evidence should have been strong but in this case it is still very weak and contradictory. The mystery murder of Anni Dewani case has been adjourned until Monday when Judge Traverso will announce the final decision after hearing the arguments from both sides.

By Atika Jilani



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  1. Lesget   November 27, 2014 at 4:52 pm

    This man goes to great lengths to get 10k exchanged to local currency. He makes this effort because he wants to get his wife a surprise chopper ride. He entrusts a local cabbie to get this arranged. The cabbie insists he brings the 10k and takes man and wife on a night tour. Man and wife are robbed. Man thrown out. Wife killed. Man does not disclose the 10k was taken

  2. Lesget   November 27, 2014 at 4:47 pm

    Guilty as sin.


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