Music Fans Get Three Holiday Gifts Early [Video]

Music is filling people’s ears early this year with three holiday surprises. Idina Menzel gave her fans two gifts in one with her album release ‘Holiday Wishes’ and a video for one of the singles, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” with Michael Buble. Menzel’s songs on her album get festive with familiar music such as ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’ and “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.” It also features other not-so-famous songs such as “River” and “What Are You Doing This New Year’s Eve.” Menzel told Time Magazine that she wanted to create music to suit everyone’s experience over the holidays. Menzel also explained the magazine that she choose the songs for her album based on what she wanted to sing. One of these songs is ‘Do You Hear What I Hear?’ She says that Whitney Houston’s version is incredible and that she loved the song.

One of the songs on her album, “Baby, Is Cold Outside” came out as a single with a video of children singing the parts of Menzel and Buble. The video pays homage to 1940s movies and begins with a boy in a bellhop uniform standing next to a girl in a gold 1920’s style dress. The boy realizes he wants the girl so he exchanges his uniform for a tuxedo. Both children then sing and dance to the duet. There was a change in the song lyrics so it fit the young actors. Instead of the children singing, Maybe a cigarette more, they sing ‘Maybe a soda pop more.’ Menzel and Buble make an appearance as the children’s reflections. Another holiday present is the song, “Text Me Merry Christmas.”

musicFans of “Pitch Perfect” will enjoy hearing Bell’s voice in a new song with the accapella group, Straight No Chaser. While people are shopping for holiday gifts, they can listen to the updated tune created for the tech savvy world. Randy Stine of Straight No Chaser said the group wanted to write a song that showed how informal communication is. Stine explains that when Straight No Chaser heard the song, they wanted to sing it as a duet and thought Bell would be a great fit. The group decided to get together in May to record a Christmas song. Adam Schlesinger, an Oscar-nominated composer strung together the music and David Javerbaum, a comedy writer as well as thirteen-time Emmy winner, helped write the song. By July, the song was ready to go. People got a treat with three early gifts from four artists.

Menzel gave fans two gifts when she and Buble released the music video of Menzel’s first single, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” from Menzel’s album “Holiday Wish.” Menzel explained to Time that she thought the middle of October was too early to release a Christmas album. She did not know why her label wanted to release it so early. Her guess is that is the time when people begin buying things for Christmas. Menzel also understands if people want to wait until after Thanksgiving to get and listen to the album. The music video and song for gift number three, “Text Me Merry Christmas,” was exclusively released by Ryan Seacrest on his website.

By Jordan Bonte


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