Fire Kills One in New Haven, Connecticut


According to the mayor of New Haven Connecticut, an apartment fire there has resulted in the death of one person. This news was first reported by NBC Connecticut.

The apartment where the fatal blaze broke out is located in West Haven, Connecticut, on Bassett Street. The inferno began on Tuesday in the evening hours. One of the people inside did not make it out of the building alive.

Fire trucks and emergency personnel are responding and are attempting to get the conflagration under control. Heading to the scene of the blaze to report about this tragic loss of life and give updates is an NBC Connecticut news crew.

Further details will be reported when they become available about this tragic loss of life in New Haven, Connecticut. The cause of the blaze is unknown at this time, but it is under investigation. The identity of the victim who died in the fire on Tuesday evening has not yet been confirmed.

Written By Douglas Cobb

NBC Conecticut
Photo by Stephen Salomons – Flickr License

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