Dish Network Programing May Get Worse

Dish Network

Following the loss of CNN, Cartoon Network, Turner Movie Classics, and other Turner Broadcasting channels on Dish Network, programing may get worse for customers as additional channels may keep disappearing. Dish is currently negotiating a new contract to carry CBS programing.

According to the International Business Times, CBS is saying that Dish has been dragging their feet in the contract negotiations for months, calling Dish’s actions stall tactics. Now, with the contract deadline closing in, Dish seems to be willing to pull CBS off the programing package if the satellite provider will not strike a similar deal that other content providers have already signed with CBS.

What this means to the consumer is that CBS may not be found on Dish Network channel lineups. This would prevent viewers from watching shows including NCIS, The Big Bang Theory and other prime time hit shows. It also means that the NFL and college sports would be effected, permanently blacking out the sports aired on CBS.

After the loss of eight Turner Broadcasting networks, Twitter blew up with customers calling for an explanation and their favorite channels back. Dish Network Chairman Charlie Ergen called the loss of CNN and the other networks a non-event, which has caused a number of loyal subscribers to leave the satellite provider for other broadcast options before the programing takes a turn for the worse.

Unhappy customers disappointed with the response of Dish over the loss of the Turner channels have little to no weight in the programing decisions. Customers have received everything from a standard finger-pointing answer to small programing discounts off of their current package for a few months. However, all the customers want is the programing they pay for, and Dish Network appears to not care according to the vocal unhappy subscribers.

CBS claims to be the number one channel on Dish Network, and is the self-named most-watch television network. The issue is, Dish is in the business of making money, and as much money as they can. They pay a fee to various providers for the channels they carry. If they feel the amount is too high, negotiations begin until both parties find a fair middle ground until the negotiations start-up all over again when the new contract is almost up.

The current problem is, CBS, which is a major player, and appears to be willing to offer some wiggle room in their amount they have presented for their programing. According to Dish, CBS won’t wiggle as much as the satellite provider is asking them to, and according to CBS, Dish is unwilling to be reasonable with the content providers offers.

Since 2013, Dish customers have seen 120 stations dropped from their channel lineup. Now, with the threat of CBS being blacked out, Dish Network customers may notice the programing choices get worse. A number of industry experts feel that the loss of the Turner Broadcasting channels was a haymaker punch to Dish, regardless of how nonchalant the provider tried to blow it off as a non-event. The same experts feel that the loss of CBS would be a knockout punch for Dish and customers would flee to competitors of Dish Network, DirecTV and local cable television providers.

By Carl Auer

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Photo by James Callan – Flickr License

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