Joan Rivers to Be Replaced by Kathy Griffin on Fashion Police

Late comedienne Joan Rivers will reportedly be replaced by comedy vet Kathy Griffin in regards to the hit E! show Fashion Police, upon which the former was a staple. Show sources gave a statement to TMZ earlier today, in which they confirmed the decision.

The rest of the show’s cast is said to remain the same for the most part, will all but one member having already signed off on the continuation of its filming. While Kelly Osbourne, Giuliana Ranic and Melissa Rivers (Joan’s daughter) will be returning, their co-star George Kotsiopoulous has yet to either confirm or deny his continuing involvement in the program. While the production will go on as best it can given the circumstances, it has also been revealed that executives have decided to axe the show’s weekly slot in favor of a semi-regular airing. Fashion Police will reportedly only be aired around the time of various awards shows and other celebratory occasions as a form of event programming. The announcing of Rivers’ replacement comes just a few days after Osbourne released a statement in which she detailed her disinclination to help choose such a person yet, as she is still reeling from the passing of both her lead co-star and close friend.

Rivers passed away on September 4 due to the result of a botched medical procedure, after which she was put into a medically induced coma from which she did not awaken. The 81-year-old originally stopped breathing during said procedure, but was resuscitated an hour later and rushed to New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital, upon which time she was placed on life support. The medical examiner present gave the official statement that Rivers died due to a brain damage that was caused from a lack of oxygen being able to get to that part of her body.

An investigation was subsequently launched against the Yorkville Endoscopy Clinic, at which the Manhattan native was present at during her allegedly minor procedure. Research into the clinic’s practice and the comedienne’s death took over two months, with federal officials eventually concluding that the facility had made multiple errors both before and after Rivers was taken in for surgery. The most significant of these errors was that clinic staff reportedly did not have a suitable crash cart on hand for if anything went wrong during the procedure, something that is said to have been an enormously key factor in the woman’s death. Recent reports have stated that her life could have easily been saved with the use of a drug called Succinylcholine, which is used to aid in the relaxation of an individual’s trachea. Her daughter’s legal team believes that things took a fatal turn when Rivers’ vocal chords began to spasm and subsequently closed up, an error that could have been instantly fixed with the use of said drug. The legal team in question was hired by the daughter after a lengthy deliberation amongst the family surrounding whether or not she should sue the clinic for their misconduct, a decision which became final earlier near the end of October.

It remains to be seen how Kathy Griffin will fare as the replacement for Joan Rivers on the upcoming episodes of E!’s hit show Fashion Police. Any future air dates have yet to be revealed.

By Rebecca Grace

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