New York Elevator Shooting Leaves 2 Dead

New York

The second of two victims found shot in the head in a New York elevator has died. The two men were found in the elevator of the Morrisania Air Rights complex in the Bronx. The two were brought to Lincoln Hospital, where one was pronounced dead shortly after arriving. The other man died not long behind the first.

The police have collected ballistic evidence from the crime scene, and are seeking a suspect who fled the building when they arrived. The suspect is said to have been wearing a grey hooded sweatshirt. The Morrisania Air Rights development is a group of three apartment buildings which is run by the New York City Housing Authority and is home to around 1,950 residents. Although authorities have confirmed that they were able to collect some evidence, no other details about this shooting and the ongoing manhunt have been released. The victims’ names have not been made public, but one man was 32 years old and the other was 23. Those identifications will be made once next-of-kin is notified.

By Jim Malone



Image courtesy of Manfred Lentz – Flickr License

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