Peter Kassig Video Suspect From France Named

Confirming a statement by the Interior Minister from France made earlier that it was a “strong possibility” that a French man was featured in the Islamic State video of the murder of American Peter Kassig, a Parisian prosecutor, Francois Molins has identified the man in question. Molins says that the man in the video is someone who was being watched by French authorities since going to Syria in 2013, allegedly for humanitarian purposes. The man’s name is Maxime Hauchard.

Called Peter by many friends, Abdul-Rahman Kassig was a former Army Ranger in Iraq who had a heart for the Syrian people. Feeling the need to make an impact on the world, he returned to Syria as an aid worker. According to a statement by his family, he has a special compassion for the people of that country, and was compelled to find whatever way possible to ease the suffering caused by the conflict in the area. A sharp contrast to Hauchard, pretending humanitarian motivations for being in the country, but sowing strife as a member of the militants.

By Jim Malone

Image courtesy of Charles Roffey – Flickr License

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