Plane Crash Near New York and Pilot Survives, Police Say

Plane Crash
Police say an airplane headed to Montgomery, NY suffered a major power outage and crashed, leaving the pilot with minor injuries, but still alive. The pilot, Shirley Onacilla, was flying from Groton/New London Airport in a 1975 Beech F33A Bonanza. Jeremiah Dunn, a police Sergeant in nearby Clinton was the first officer to respond to the scene of the plane crash. The pilot was taken to local Shoreline Clinic in Westbrook.

Onacilla says she began to lose power over Middlesex County and notified air traffic control. She was advised to attempt a landing at Chester Airport, but her engine died before she reached the location. Her aircraft crashed into some trees before sliding to the ground. The plane did not hit the ground with much force.

Dunn expressed his amazement that Onacilla suffered no fatal injuries. He joked that he “asked her if she was going to buy a lottery ticket.” Residents close by called the police and reported the plane crash. They believed it had hit a house, but the closest home was 100 feet away. Police will stay on the scene of the crash until federal investigators reach the site.

By Didi Anofienem

Hartford Courant
Photo By: Jim Clark – Flickr License