Rapper Nipsey Hussle Gets Away With Smoking Weed at LAX

Nipsey Hussle has pulled off the seemingly impossible, getting away with smoking marijuana around security personnel in an airport. The rapper, however, recently showed that engaging in such activities is overrated in terms of how difficult not getting caught doing it is.

The 29-year-old was videotaped getting out of a vehicle on his way into the airport, upon which time the photographer in question asked how he was doing. The rapper did not immediately answer, and had to be asked again before he gave any kind of response. This was after the cameraman said that he was a significantly big fan of the California native, stating that the rapper was in his top five (top five what, he did not specify.) Hussle responded with a friendly fist bump, and at this point the marijuana smoke billowing from his mouth was clearly recognizable especially given that he was holding a joint in the other hand.

The photographer then asked his opinion on the extremely high price for the popular new rolling papers, which are said to be made in several carats of gold. He went on to ask if the price and design of said papers was related to a celebrity status quo, or a product that regular people would actually benefit from using in order to smoke their product in a more efficient manner. He went on to state that fellow rapper Tyga has invested in such a product, and pressed the issue as to whether or not there was truly a difference. Hussle was non-committal on the matter, stating that he did not know for sure whether the gold papers were better than regular ones. He subsequently went on his way, and was wished safe travels by the cameraman in question.

This is not the first time in the past few months that Hussle has made mainstream media news for his actions. At the end of August, he was placed under arrest for interfering with the conduction of another man’s arrest at a downtown L.A. clothing store. Authorities in question were said to have been policing the store for an offender who was currently violating his parole conditions when they ran into Hussle, who proceeded to commit an undisclosed action that led officers to believe he was obstructing their ability to pursue said justice in question. He was soon released after posting a bail amount of 13 grand. Shortly following the incident, the rapper released a statement detailing his discontent with the circumstances that had gone down leading to his arrest, expressing his view that the arrest was not only unfair but completely unwarranted given that he had done absolutely nothing wrong. His biggest concern lay with the fact that he had been apprehended because law enforcement at the scene thought he was in possession of a gun, yet no such weapon was found on his person following a thorough search.

It remains to be seen whether or not LAX will increase security measures following the video having leaked of Nipsey Hussle casually smoking marijuana while entering the premises. Such security personnel have not yet released any kind of statement on the matter.

By Rebecca Grace

Los Angeles Daily News
Photo by Andrew Farquhar – Flickr License

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