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In today’s news of the nerdy and nostalgic, the sequel to the popular 90’s cartoon Reboot is set to hit a television soon. The reboot to the hit show has been speculated and surrounded with rumors for years, but it finally gets a title, Reboot: The Guardian Code. The news comes fresh from developers Rainmaker Entertainment. Unlike the previous news of the reboot/remake/sequel that were only words, this sequel is actually happening and a reality. This comes as great news to fans who have been begging and petitioning for the popular show to return. Consider that it ended abruptly, it only makes sense that all the loose ends are tied up and the show is brought back to the masses on its 20th anniversary.

RebootReboot was one of the early morning Saturday cartoons that was very ahead of its time. Creators Ian Pearson, Phil Mitchell, John Grace, and Gavin Blair use of CGI and 3D modeling made it a stand-out amongst the 2D graphics of its peers. It was the first of its kind to focus mainly on 3D-imaging and even poke fun at itself by being set in a computer mainframe. Though the animation was something new and interesting, Reboot found trouble in capturing a large following in the early 90’s. The show moved from ABC’s line-up to Cartoon Network’s Toonami afternoon slot. After years of syndication, the show was eventually from the roster and fans have been desiring its triumphant return. Fast-forward to today, most cartoons and animations are done in 3D. Considering that children of today have become accustomed to the new imaging of cartoons, Reboot will easily find a place for fans of new and old to enjoy.

Not much is known about the sequel or the exact plot, but considering its title, it may have something to do with the history behind the mysterious guardians and the super-computer. In the Reboot universe, guardians are built from a special, unique code at the super-computer and dispatched out to different systems to protect them from game cubes sent by the user. Each guardian is specifically coded to heal systems with their changing wrist tool “Glitch” and resist the infectious nature of viruses that invade the system. In the 90’s cartoon, the main protagonist Bob was Mainframe’s guardian. Sent to the system to “mend and defend”. As the series progressed, Bob became a fan favorite and even found love with the system’s engineering sprite Dot.

RebootThough fans have been burned in the past by Rainmaker Entertainment’s false promises, it seems that the sequel is more than just a simple rumor to get them riled-up. In 2008, the news broke that a Reboot sequel was in the works that comprised of a movie trilogy. A teaser trailer was even released to keep the faith alive. Unfortunately due to some financial troubles, there was no movies in site. This past year, Rainmaker president Michael Hefferon stated the sequel is indeed coming and the company has partnered with a top computer company to provide the television series. Hefferon also went on to state that fan-favorites Dot, Enzo, and Bob will all be returning as main characters of the series once again.

Considering that Rainmaker Entertainment is reporting losing one million dollars a year, this Reboot sequel may just be what they need to stay in the black. The sequel is rumored to focus on the more kid-friendly elements of season and two, the show’s highest viewed, and could bring in some major money for the company. Only time will tell the future of the Reboot sequel but, for now, 90’s and millennials can rejoice in the fact that it is really happening this time.

By Tyler Cole


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