Scorpion: Risky Business (Recap and Review)

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This week’s episode of Scorpion deals with Walter’s attempt to distract himself from Paige’s ex husband entering into her and Ralph’s life again. Risky Business has O’Brien racing and losing to a Serbian gangster for a Lamborghini and Drew is taking his son to a minor league baseball game. Paige finds that her son earned a “D -” on an algebra quiz and she is worried that her genius son is not handling his father’s re-emergence in his life well. Walter has a chat with the boy who reveals nothing.

Cabe calls with the team’s next case and the Scorpion crew encounter their first murder victim. The dead body is in a room with a mathematical equation on a white board and the police reveal that this is why they called O’Brien and his crew in. The equation turns out to be an algorithm, the dead man’s name is Harold Reed and the 25 year-old corpse has one connection, a man named Peyton Temple. Temple apparently wrote the algorithm and may be the only suspect in Reed’s murder.

The suspect was a young music prodigy and a synthesizer expert. When the group show up at Temple’s house, due to a lack of evidence, the police detective leaves and Walter decides to enter the residence to look clues as to Temple’s whereabouts. O’Brien steps into an electrical trap which knocks him out. Peyton appears with a Rottweiler and asks Walter why he came back. The whole team learn that Reed was the man’s friend and that someone else has already broken into his home.

Team Scorpion try to work out why former prodigy Temple and music-blogger Reed became targets. Peyton reveals that after his algorithm, which was created to develop hit songs, was stolen he has discovered five songs on the radio that have obviously used his formula to become a hit. Happy has a crush on the mathematical musician and Toby is in turn crushed. Although he gets excited when Happy says his name and boyfriend in the same sentence.

Walter is receiving threatening texts from the Serbian and Scorpion narrow the list of suspects for Reed’s murder and the theft of Temple’s formula down to Hip Hop producer Lucky the King. With Toby pretending to be Temple’s lawyer, Paige and the two men go to meet with King to talk about the theft of the algorithm and Reed’s death. While there, the three engage in the risky business of planting a bug in the producer’s office to see who he contacts after they leave.

The team meet up in their van and when Walter turns the key in the ignition there is a spark and he says, “what’s this.” The group get out of the van and run a safe distance away from the vehicle. After waiting a moment they start back to the van and it explodes in flames. Someone is trying to either kill or warn off the Scorpion team. The producer is arrested after the bomb goes off in the van and Drew calls Paige to say that his father-son time with Ralph is not going well at the baseball game. Walter gives Drew a tip, saying that he might try buying a program and using that as a communication aid.

The man who planted the bomb in the van turns out to be a music security-firm employee named Dustin McBride who works for a company called Night Ridge. Happy and Temple bond over her selfmade synthesizer and as Peyton goes to leave, Walter and he talk about similarities. Mcbride shows up and shoots O’Brien with a taser and kidnaps Temple. Toby goes through the list of suspects that Peyton came up with looking for familiar names.

McBride is found to be working for record producer Owen Sugar. Team Scorpion take off to save Temple and to confront Sugar without Cabe. The discover Peyton unconscious in a room in Sugar’s apartment and the group learn that the producer want Temple dead. The team separate and Happy, Toby and Walter go in to retrieve Peyton. Walter and Happy take Temple out and Walter goes to confront Sugar. The Scorpion team member winds up being dangled over a balcony head first by Sugar and McBride.

Walter comes back up to rescue Toby and the four men take the elevator down after O’Brien tells the two villains that he will take them to Temple. On the way down, Toby and Walter use their belts to attach themselves to the handrail in the elevator and Happy hacks the controls to make the car drop repeatedly knocking out McBride and Sugar.

By the end of the show, Lucky the King is cleared, Temple destroys the hard drive with the formula, Happy and Peyton make a date and Scorpion leader Walter borrows the hip hop producer’s Lamborghini to race the Serbian again. Before the episode finishes Paige gets to sing and Drew thanks Walter for his tip as it helped save the day. Ralph’s father then enlists O’Brien’s help to increase his ability to talk baseball with his genius son. Next week it looks like the show will take a very serious turn. Scorpion: Risky Business ends as it begins, with Walker racing again.

By Michael Smith



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